12 Summer Desk Essentials That Will Elevate Your Workday

When summertime rolls around, working from home can either feel like the biggest blessing or a total drag. The advantages of it—like zero commute or the ability to wear what you want without getting any disapproving looks from coworkers—can be especially teasing when the warm weather hits. It’s easy to become irritable when you’d rather be at a rooftop bar or lounging on the beach or if your skin’s sticking to your desk chair and you just can’t cool off.

No one wants to work in a space that makes them feel uninspired, which is why one key part of staying motivated while working from home during the summer is having a nice, enticing setup. Make this your most productive summer yet with the right summer WFH essentials. From small summer skincare necessities to cute accessories, fans, and more, these WFH essentials will elevate your desk setup and make working feel like a breeze.


It doesn’t matter whether your preferred morning-motivation beverage is coffee, matcha, or tea, this glass ripple cup will single-handedly get you excited to start your morning every day—even on the days you’d rather be on vacation.


Summer is the perfect opportunity to reset your career goals, start new habits, pick back up on any resolutions you haven’t stuck to, and find new ways to stay productive. This planner is the perfect tool to keep you on track. Plus, since it’s a mid-year planner starting in July, you can jump right into summer with a fresh start.


Summer is a notoriously busy time, so keep track of all your upcoming events, appointments, vacations, or deadlines with this desk calendar. It even has a spot to jot down your achievements and priorities to keep you motivated.


Now is not the time to let clutter get in the way of your productivity. Keep all your important documents and essentials in one place with the help of this stackable desk organizer.


A desk fan, but make it sleek. This portable desk fan is battery-powered and comes with its own USB charging cable. Plus, it has four quiet settings, including “natural wind” if you’re missing the outdoors while you’re inside working.

2 colors available


Daydreaming of a vacation? Us too. Bring those vibes right to your desk with this candle that is infused with tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, and limes.


This viral water bottle will keep you hydrated even on the days your AC fails to do its job. Thanks to its insulation and leak-proof design, it won’t leave a water ring on your desk or spill all over your laptop when you accidentally knock it over.

9 colors and 2 sizes available

Intelligent Change

Struggling to get things done at work when the only place you want to be is on the beach? Warm weather calling your name as you stare at spreadsheets all day? Maximize your productivity this summer and hone in on your time management skills with the help of this sand timer that works in either 5- or 30-minute intervals.


Taking a lunchtime stroll? Sitting near a lot of windows at your desk? Enter: This hydrating SPF spray. With SPF50+, a few spritzes of this will not only protect you from harmful UV rays but will also give you a luminous glow. Plus, it smells like coconut, so you’ll instantly be transported to the beach even though you’re gearing up for meetings.

Tower 28

Did your lips get dry from a little too much sun? Have no fear. This treatment will have them rehydrated in no time. Plus, a quick swipe of this is all you need to look put together for your virtual meetings throughout the day, and the strawberry-kiwi flavor tastes like summer.


With summer travel in full swing, keeping track of all of your cords in all of your bags can be a nightmare. Grab this tech organizer and keep it at your desk so whenever you need your chargers and tools, they are all in one place.


Finding the time to go to the gym or get in a quick workout can be a challenge during the summer with everything else going on. Turn to this folding treadmill for help. It’s light, portable, and can be used by itself or placed under your desk, so you can work on your fitness while making moves in your career.


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