6 Tequilas That Make Perfect Father’s Day Gifts, From Affordable to Luxury

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and nothing bespeaks dad’s nonpareil mentorship like his heirs’ discerning taste in spirits. My old man is a whiskey nerd, but he already has enough Laphroaig and Pappy Van Winkle to pass around with friends well into his golden years. And dad, nearly a septuagenarian, frankly needs to broaden his spirited horizons beyond the cherished whiskey styles from Kentucky, Japan, and Scotland. So, this Father’s Day, I am treating pops to a whirlwind tour of Jalisco through the wonderful world of tequila.

Most tequilas on this list are añejos, the category most closely resembling whiskey. As with bourbon, Scotch, or Armagnacañejos age in oak barrels, usually for 1-3 years but occasionally longer in the case of extra añejos. Oak aging embellishes blue agave’s signature citrus, pepper, and herbal flavors with barrel notes like cinnamon, caramel, and baking spices. Aging also mellows agave distillate into a smooth, amber-brown nectar. Añejos are generally the priciest tequilas on the market (though there are plenty of great affordable añejo tequilas), but, hey, dad damn well deserves it.

So this June 16th, kick back on the patio with padre, soak in the summer sunshine, and raise a glass of fine tequila to fatherhood. It’s a better way to thank him than a necktie or pair of argyle socks.


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