60 Cool, Best-Selling Products on Amazon That Are Cheap as Hell


60 Cool, Best-Selling Products on Amazon That Are Cheap as Hell

Grab these trending finds quickly.

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Not only are these the most trending and best-selling finds on Amazon, but these products are also ultra functional. They can help solve everyday annoyances (think: that mess of cords near your computer) or simply make your space look elevated, trendy, and seriously impressive. And most importantly, everything on the list is budget-friendly. If something catches your eye, you might want to check out quickly — these items are bestsellers, after all.


These flameless candles that you can cleverly control with a remote

These chic pillar candles are secretly battery-operated, giving your home a warm glow without the mess of smoke and wax. The set of three features a realistic flickering flame that can be controlled with the included remote. Use it to turn the candles on and off from across the room, set timers, or adjust the brightness.


This popular car-cleaning gel that’s a magnet for dust & crumbs

Use this popular cleaning gel to grab dust and crumbs from crevices in your car or keyboard. It’s designed to not damage surfaces but is impressive at picking up gunk and giving your car a professionally detailed look. It’s also reusable with its mess-free car container.


A sunset lamp projector that gives any room golden hour vibes

Add creative lighting to your space with this seriously on-trend sunset lamp projector. It features a lamp that rotates a full 360 degrees for the perfect angle. It also has a stable base that makes it easy to move it around, and you can use the app to control the brightness and sunset colors.


This trending duck night-light that can also prop up your phone

This ultra-trendy silicone duck night-light has a fun design with feet that double as a phone stand. The LED light is rechargeable, so no need to replace batteries, and you can choose from three brightness settings. There’s also a 30-minute timer option in case you plan on dozing off.


These incense sticks to stop mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor time

Keep your deck, patio, and porch mosquito-free with these bug-repelling incense sticks. They’re made of citronella, lemongrass, and rosemary essential oils and will burn for two to three hours, depending on weather conditions. For best results, pop them around your outdoor space to create a little incense perimeter.


This sleek light switch cover that’s also a night-light

This switch plate features an LED night light that can give rooms a built-in glow. The sleek switch plate turns on and off automatically, is dimmable, and snaps onto most existing outlets — no screws or tools necessary for this clever night-light.


This lightbulb-style security camera that’s built for the outdoors

Keep an eye on your outdoor space with this ultra-compact WiFi security camera that screws in like a lightbulb. Simply pop it into a standard lightbulb base, and you can customize it with an app. This cleverly shaped camera features human, animal, and package detection and has an alarm and two-way audio function.


These solar-powered string lights that look like flying bumble bees

These cute bumble bee string lights are a trendy little solar lighting feature with a super low-effort solar panel. The bees are made of a durable plastic that’s weather resistant, and since everything is solar-powered, no electricity is necessary. These LED bees also automatically turn on at dusk.


These rainbow-hued storage wraps that can organize your cords

Tidy up your cable and wire collection and prevent tangles with these colorful storage wraps. The wraps come in two sizes (5 inches and 8 inches long) and a variety of hues. They also have a hook-and-loop closure that’s reusable and won’t leave behind a sticky residue.


These whimsical LED string lights that cleverly run with solar power

These solar-powered string lights can add a cool twinkling effect to your outdoor space. The kit features a solar panel that sits atop a stake you can pop in the ground. They’re designed to stay on for hours, and there are eight lighting modes with this whimsical pack, including chasing and twinkle.


A sleek grill scraper that scrubs *without* messy bristles

Skip the messy bristle brushes and use this sleek universal grill scraper to clean grates. It works on charcoal, gas, and flattop surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. It also has a comfortable leather grip handle that includes a bottle opener. Bonus — it also comes with a grilling recipe book.


These sponges that can make your kicks look like new

Brighten up the soles of your favorite shoes with these pocket-sized cleaning sponges. The two-layered sponges just need water to start working, and they have a textured surface that’s great at scrubbing away dirt. They’re perfect for scrubbing leather, canvas, or any type of athletic sneaker.


This impressive bed (or cabinet) light strip that’s activated by movement

Illuminate alongside your bed, underneath cabinets, or down the length of stairs with these motion-activated LED strip lights. They automatically turn on when they detect movement, and you can customize when they turn off again. Meanwhile, the 3M adhesive tape makes installing these impressive bed lights a breeze.


This cute (and functional) garlic crusher that looks like a vampire

Easily mince garlic with this vampire-shaped kitchen tool. Add your unpeeled cloves to the bottom, pop on the top, and gently twist to crush garlic while keeping your hands clean. Plus, the garlic Dracula is made of a BPA-free material and is safe to pop in the dishwasher.


A clever rack that dries dishes & produce before rolling up for storage

Ideal for small spaces or travel, this roll-up rack gives you a temporary place to dry dishes or place hot items. This stainless steel rack is made of heat-resistant silicone, and the durable steel tubes can hold up to 33 pounds without bending. When you’re finished drying dishes or rinsing produce, it rolls up compactly for storage.


A pet hair remover that uses electrostatic charge instead of sticky papers

This pet hair remover cleans up after furry friends without the need for sticky papers or batteries. The roller utilizes electrostatic charge to attract lint, fur, and hair. The collection chamber is easy to empty, and it’s gentle enough to use on most surfaces, including upholstery, carpets, and clothes.


These top-selling solar-powered garden lights that sway in the wind

Stick these solar-powered lights in your backyard or around your patio area for an effort-free way to add cozy lighting to your outdoor space. They feature generously sized bulbs atop flexible iron wires that sway gently in the breeze and turn on and off automatically. And they’re resistant to all types of weather, including water and heat, so they can stand up to the elements.


These funky mushroom night-lights for on-trend & whimsical lighting

These mushroom-shaped night-lights are a quirky way to illuminate a bedroom or hallway. These colorful little mushrooms automatically turn on when the room is dim and turn off when other lights are on. Plus, these whimsical night-lights cycle through seven different colors to illuminate your space.


This pumice stone that scrubs away stains without chemicals

Gently and efficiently remove mineral deposits, stains, and grime on surfaces (even in the toilet) with this pumice scrubber. To use, just add water to the pumice and gently apply pressure as you clean. The pumice is free of chemicals and odors and won’t scratch surfaces. Plus, it features a long handle and a vented carrying case for storage.


A multi-purpose veggie chopper that shockingly cuts down on prep time

Get meals on the table quicker with this multi-functional (and surprisingly budget-friendly) vegetable chopper. The gadget features a generous 5-cup storage container and four interchangeable blades that allow you to dice, chop, spiralize, and create ribbons. And everything is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, so maintenance is a breeze.


These clever LED puck lights you stick on to illuminate dim spaces

These battery-operated rectangular LED lights are a low-lift way to brighten up dim areas such as closets or under cabinets. You can pop them on with either mounting hardware or adhesive, and they come with a remote control that allows you to set timers, adjust brightness, and more.


A trending 3-D moon lamp for customizable galaxy lighting

Give any room outer space vibes with this trending illuminated moon lamp. Choose from 16 colors and multiple levels of brightness with the touch button or the included remote control. This 3-D moon also has a long-lasting battery that lasts for up to 12 hours (depending on the level of brightness), and recharges with a simple USB.


A collapsible solar lantern that doubles as a portable phone charger

Take this collapsible solar lantern on all your outdoor adventures for a reliable light source wherever you go. The lantern collapses down to the size of a hockey puck, so it’s super portable, and it features three lighting modes. Maybe most importantly — the battery panel also works as a portable phone charger.


An impressive solar-powered fountain insert to attract feathery friends

Attract birds and add interest to your yard with this viral solar-powered fountain. The solar pump begins working after only a few seconds of sunlight and the durable filter keeps water flowing while preventing clogs. You can also choose from six different water nozzles for a variety of impressive spray designs.


This rechargeable reading light that you can adjust for the perfect fit

This wearable reading light offers up a steady beam of light designed to reduce eye strain (while also not annoying bed partners). You can keep it charged up via a USB-C cable and it can last for up to 80 hours, depending on usage. It also features six brightness settings, three colors, and an ergonomic design.


These roll-up travel bags that compress your clothes

Save space in your luggage or protect off-season clothes with these popular roll-up bags. They’re reusable and a breeze to use — add your clothes, seal the bag, and slowly roll it to remove air and compress the contents. Plus, they’re made of a durable material that protects against spills and dust.


This cup holder expander that fits your extra-large water bottles

Make hydrating on the go a little easier with this ultra-clever cup holder expander. The expander adjusts to fit most cup holders and can accommodate water bottles more than 3 inches in diameter. Plus, it has tabs, so you can remove your bottle without pulling the adapter out of the cup holder.


These heavy-duty storage wraps that work both indoors & out

These heavy-duty wraps are perfect for storing items like hoses, ropes, or even small tools inside or outside. The stainless steel grommet is designed to hang on garage peg boards and hooks, allowing you to keep things off the floor. Plus, the hook and loop closure is reusable and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue on your supplies and tools.


These game-changing adhesive grippers that keep rug corners from curling

Keep carpets in place and looking perfectly straight with these adhesive rug corner grippers. The grippers work on a variety of surfaces, including wood, and their design allows you to still lift up the carpet for cleaning. They’re also reusable — to revive the adhesive, just swipe with rubbing alcohol.


This magnetic wallet that also works as a stand for your phone

Keep everything together with this ultra-popular magnetic phone wallet. It features a strong magnet you can securely stick to most iPhone models. When flipped open, it also serves as a handy little phone stand. The wallet holds up to three cards and even offers protection against demagnetization.


A dryer vent cleaning kit that also helps you clean under appliances

Attach this cleaning hose to your vacuum, and you can suck up years of lint from your dryer vents. It features a vacuum adapter, a cleaning hose, and a flexible brush that’s great for getting into tight spaces (like underneath the fridge). Pop it on almost any vacuum, and you can also clean outdoor vents and underneath appliances.


A cushioned cup holder that holds all your things on the couch

This soft cup holder pillow is the perfect addition to movie nights or cozy mornings on the couch. The pillow features a washable cover and five cup holders that expand to accommodate cups, remote controls, and more. And the insulating foam helps to keep beverages hot and cold.


An absorbent mat to protect from spills & muffle a loud coffee maker

Muffle the loud sounds of your espresso machine or soak up spills under pet bowls with this absorbent mat. The mat features a clever diatomite material that can absorb liquids in seconds, as well as a nonslip and waterproof rubber backing. It also comes in a variety of sizes and colors to go with your coffee maker or counter.


This bubbly plug-in night-light with a colorful & customizable glow

Perfect for dim hallways or adding a gentle glow to bedrooms, this plug-in night-light features a fun bubble design and a slim profile that doesn’t block the lower outlet. You can choose from either steady colors, warm white light, or rotating colors, and it features an automatic dusk-to-dawn light sensor.


This under-cabinet jar opener that can remove pretty much any lid

This jar opener mounts under cabinets and helps to remove stuck-on lids. It’s surprisingly quick to stick on with the included screws or adhesive and features carbon steel teeth that won’t dull or break. It works with almost any size lid and has a minimalist design that doesn’t take up counter space.


This over-the-door drying rack that’s ideal for decluttering small spaces

This lightweight, over-the-door drying rack features three tiers of breathable mesh and is ideal for drying clothes in small spaces without cluttering the floor. Simply pop it over the top of a door with the included sturdy metal hooks — zero drilling, nails, or adhesives are necessary for installation.


These dishcloths that are shockingly absorbent & a breeze to reuse

These reusable Swedish dishcloths are made of biodegradable cellulose that’s designed to absorb up to 20 times their weight in spills, so you can skip pricey paper towels. The cloths have a textured surface for scrubbing and are safe for all surfaces, and you can wash and reuse them up to 100 times.


These colorful globes for a super trendy wind chime option

These colorful solar-powered wind chimes are a super trendy wind chime upgrade for your outdoor space. These rainbow-hued globes are white during the day but glow colorfully at night (after only a few hours in the sun). Once it’s dark, they’ll stay illuminated for up to 10 hours as they rotate through various colors.


This heavy-duty flashlight that even works in wet conditions

This durable LED flashlight is super versatile because its battery-operated design casts a beam up to two football fields in length and features three light modes (high, low, and SOS). Plus, its IP67 rating means it can float and withstand extremely wet conditions for extra versatility.


These shatterproof drinking glasses that look more expensive than they are

These heavy-duty acrylic drinking glasses are virtually indestructible and have an expensive-looking cut glass design. They come in rainbow hues, so keeping up with which is yours at a gathering is easy. They’re also BPA-free, shatterproof, and ready to go in the top rack of the dishwasher.


An olive oil dispenser & mister that lets you use the perfect amount

This clever oil dispenser gives you the option to either pour or mist your favorite cooking oil. The dispenser has an impressive capacity, and the wide opening makes it easy to fill. This borosilicate glass bottle also features a prominent spout and a comfortable handle that helps to keep your hands oil-free.


These clever pen-shaped multi-tools that can make DIY projects easier

This clever multitool has a pen-like shape with eight ultra-clever features — a bright LED light, stylus, ruler, bubble leveler, bottle opener, screwdriver (flathead and Phillips), and a ballpoint pen. Plus, it’s housed in a durable aluminum body and comes with batteries and plenty of ink refills.


This digital thermometer that can also open your beer

Instantly see the temperature of meats, beverages, and more with this waterproof digital thermometer and bottle opener combo. It shows an accurate temperature within two to three seconds and features a large backlit LED screen to make it ultra-easy to read. Plus, it automatically turns on and off when you open and close the probe.


A pyramid-shaped power strip that can charge all your devices at once

This compact power strip is ideal for organizing your devices because its clever four-sided design gives you room for bulky chargers. The pyramid-shaped strip includes three classic sockets and three USB ports to work with a variety of devices. This cleverly shaped charging station is also designed to give your devices the optimum charge.


This LED flashlight with a strong magnet to grab lost things

This magnetic pickup tool is a popular go-to for home projects, auto repairs, and navigating tight spaces. The tool’s flexible telescoping neck expands to over 22 inches, and the three strong LED lights help you see what you’re doing and see the screws or missing items you’re trying to pick up.


These top-selling under-the-bed containers for discreet storage space

These durable containers help to organize and store off-season clothes and linens. The storage bins are ideal for under the bed or in closets, and they feature a transparent cover that opens fully so you can see what’s inside. And the reinforced handles are sturdy enough that they won’t tear when you move or shift the bins.


This coffee maker that makes barista-level cold brew at home

This borosilicate glass carafe is designed to make delicious cold brew overnight in an easy-to-pour container. It has a 32-ounce capacity with clever measurement markings on the side. Simply pop ground coffee beans into the stainless steel filter, pour in water, and place in the fridge. The carafe also has a tight-fitting lid and silicone base for extra stability.


A fridge deodorizer that can last for a decade with zero effort

This compact stainless steel deodorizer works for up to 10 years and doesn’t require any batteries, filter replacements, or electricity (aka — zero effort is involved). It’s designed to absorb and decompose gases into water molecules, helping to keep small spaces like refrigerators, car trunks, and closets odor-free.


These solar color-changing deck lights that require zero effort from you

Illuminate your deck stairs or posts with these color-changing solar lights. They charge via sunlight and turn on automatically at dusk and off at dawn (zero effort from you). They’re also resistant to water, heat, and frost and can be installed anywhere that allows for screws or sticky adhesive.


A broom & tool organizer that mounts on the wall to save space

Get tools, sports equipment, and cleaning supplies organized and off the ground with this wall-mounted holder. The wall-mounted rack features six hooks and five spring-loaded clamps. Plus, it has a 35-pound capacity and comes with all the necessary (and super easy) mounting hardware.


A refillable pen for shockingly easy paint touch-ups around your home

These fillable brush pens are lightweight and compact, making it easy to do paint touch-ups anywhere. Simply fill them up using the included syringe, and once full, they’ll keep latex paint fresh for years. Plus, brush heads are ultra-precise, so you can freshen up scuffs and scratches in hard-to-reach spots.


A folding stand to prop up your phone & watch videos

Use this pocket-size folding phone stand to get the perfect angle for Zoom meetings, streaming movies, and more. It features all the adjustable height and angle options you might need. Meanwhile, the cushioned silicone pads on the base, hooks, and backrest protect against slipping and scratches.


This platypus-shaped spatula that helps you get every last bit from jars

This funky platypus-shaped spatula can get into the very bottom of jars, helping you scoop up every last bit of food or beauty product. The spatula’s unique design is a great conversation starter, but it’s also super practical. It’s even made of heat-resistant, food-grade silicone, and it’s safe to go in the dishwasher.


A silicone crab that serves as a spoon rest & lid holder in the kitchen

This silicone crab is a cute and functional way to hold spoons, tongs, and other kitchen utensils. The crab is made of BPA-free silicone and it’s heat resistant, so you can also use it as a steam releaser on a pot. And if it gets dirty, just rinse the crab clean or pop it in the top rack of the dishwasher.


These chic outdoor rope lights that can flex & bend however you want them

Wrap these LED rope lights around banisters, clip them to outdoor stairs, or drape them anywhere you want a warm glow. The weather-resistant lights are super flexible and come with mounting clips or screws to pop them in place. You can also connect up to 22 strings together, giving you 540 feet of outdoor lighting.


These sleek stick-on cable clips that can keep your desk area tidy

Stick these cable clips to any flat surface and use them to secure and organize all your charging cords. They feature a magnetic closure that you can operate with one hand, and the slot is designed so even iPhone cords won’t slip through. Plus, the acrylic adhesive is easy to use and won’t leave behind a residue.


This flying insect trap that looks surprisingly sleek on your wall

This flying insect trap is an effort-free (and sleek-looking) way to keep your space bug-free. The plug-in light attracts all sorts of flying insects and traps them on a replaceable sticky cartridge. The curved design hides the insects from view until you’re ready to toss the cartridge, plus it won’t block the bottom outlet.


These tiki torches with magnetic snuffers to cleverly protect the wick

Add light and a party vibe to your space with these surprisingly easy-to-set-up outdoor torches. They have a bowl design that protects the flame from the wind, and the twist-and-pull technology makes it easy to add fuel without making a mess. They also come with magnetic snuffers to extinguish flames and protect the wick.


A waterproof phone holder that sticks right onto your shower tiles

This adjustable and customizable phone holder is waterproof, allowing you to take your phone into the shower with you. It also pops onto your shower wall with strong (and easy-to-use) adhesive. The transparent cover also allows you to use the touchscreen and Face ID to check your phone mid-shower.


These expensive-looking LED strip lights that can sync with music

These popular Bluetooth-enabled LED strip lights are an easy way to add mood lighting to your space. You simply customize them with the Govee app, and their color options are almost endless. Choose from 64 preset scenes, design your own from 16 million colors, or sync them up with music.


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