A Sweet Treat for a Sweet Cause at POP Culture

FREETOWN, MASS(WLNE) — Pop Culture has edible art that “speaks to the heart,” from cupcakes to cake pops.

But for the owner, they are serving up a sweet treat for a sweet cause.

“My business started actually was therapy in between cancer treatments after being in remission for ten years,” Lisa Petrizzi-Geller said. “Back in 2012, my cancer came back. I just knew that, like I couldn’t work for a while. I had a long road ahead of me and it was in that time I started seeing cake pops online. Like all of a sudden that was like the new craze.”

“Like, ‘Oh, let me try those,’” Petrizzi-Geller added. “I started to post my creations on Facebook and people started ordering. What started to happen was they would have a party and then their friends and family started ordering for their parties or to hang out with their friends. So it just kind of started to snowball.”

Petrizzi-Geller said every little bit helps.

“The last week in this week I’m doing a fundraiser at all the double stuffed Oreos,” Petrizzi-Geller said. “One-hundred-percent of the proceeds they go for bakes for breast cancer. It’s near and dear to my heart. It’s something I went through and it allows me to give back because when I was going through it, there was different organizations that helped me between treatments and everything.”


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