ACT UP Protested Outside the GLAAD Media Awards in Support of Palestine

In a statement included in ACT UP’s original press release, Noor, a queer Palestinian-Syrian artist and writer, said that “it goes without question to me that there’s no such thing as Queer liberation without the liberation of Palestine.”

“We fight for Palestine in honor of our Queer history and ancestors, for those Queer Palestinian siblings of ours living in Palestine, and for all those generations to come,” Noor said. “This violent, unjust oppression — apartheid, bombs, weapons, mass destruction, disabling and displacement of indigenous humans — does not discriminate.”

Alexa Wilkinson

Although GLAAD issued a statement on October 16 of last year referencing “all those impacted by terrorism” and “the loss of civilian lives in Gaza and Israel,” the organization has not made a statement calling for a ceasefire. In addition to demanding that GLAAD call for an “immediate and lasting ceasefire,” ACT UP is also urging the organization — and the media in general — to platform queer and trans Palestinian stories and “oppose genocide, occupation, and apartheid,” per the press release.

ACT UP is also demanding that GLAAD cut ties with the ADL, which they say has mischaracterized the wave of student encampments and campus protests in support of Palestine. In April, the ADL issued a statement criticizing campus encampments, saying that “several protestors … have expressed explicit support for Hamas terrorism and urged Hamas to commit further violence against Israel.” (The ADL’s characterization of anti-Zionist activism as antisemitism has led to internal tension within its staff, as the Guardian detailed earlier this year, leading to at least two resignations.) GLAAD and the ADL partnered in 2022 in order to better track anti-LGBTQ+ extremist incidents, and have jointly produced multiple reports since then.


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