All 21 upcoming games announced during Day of the Devs at Summer Game Fest

SUMMER Game Fest is well underway, and there are more than 10 showcases full of upcoming game announcements.

Day of the Devs is one of the first showcases as part of the fest, with a focus on small and innovative independent games.


There are a mix of cosy and horror games as part of the showcaseCredit: Clapperheads

During the 75-minute presentation, over 20 games were shown off by studios all over the world.

Here are all 21 games shown during Day of the Devs at Summer Game Fest.

  • Simpler Times
    • Lo-fi cosy game where you take photos, solve puzzles and paint pictures, available now on Steam.
  • Battle Vision Network
    • A turn-based tactics game that also has puzzle and narrative elements. Available for mobile, console and PC in 2025.
  • Cairn
    • Similar to 2023 hit Jusant, this is a mountain-climbing simulator with a strong focus on managing your condition and survival.
  • Petal Runner
    • A slice-of-life pet delivery game with a Game Boy aesthetic, where you solve puzzles and complete mini-games.
  • Karma: The Dark World
    • This is a first-person narrative horror game with a thrilling and gory vibe.
  • UFO50
    • From the developer behind Spelunky, these are 50 retro-style games in one neat package with a storyline that weaves through them all. Available on Steam on September 18.
  • Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit
    • A survival-crafting adventure game with a cost aesthetic launching exclusively to Netflix soon.
  • Dog
    • Part musical, part narrative adventure, where you save a puppy and run from danger.
  • Arranger: A role-puzzling adventure
    • Mixing a puzzle game with a dungeon crawler, the floor of each area moves when you move. It launches July 25 on PS5PC and Nintendo Switch.
  • Fear of the Spotlight
    • The first game from Blumhouse Productions, known for their horror movies, it’s a narrative adventure featuring supernatural elements to be released on console and PC.
  • Screenbound
    • A platforming adventure where you control a 2D character on a handheld console, and a 3D character in the world at the same time.
  • Zoochosis
    • Playing as a night keeper at the zoo, you start to notice something strange with the animals. It features body horror and choices matter and will launch in mid-2024.
  • Tom the Postgirl
    • A narrative detective adventure game with you piece the story together with some horror elements.
  • Psychorama
    • This is a cyberpunk-style horror visual novel that’s not for the faint of heart.
  • Building Relationships
    • A dating game where you play as a house that can go on dates with other building types.
  • Little to the Left: Seeing Stars DLC
    • More content for the cosy organisation puzzle game launching on June 25.
  • Hello again
    • A cosy time loop game, about exploration, conversations and puzzle solving launching in 2025.
  • While Waiting
    • While you are waiting for mundane things to happen, you explore your environment and get into trouble.
  • After Love EP
    • A narrative adventure based on the story of a person coping with the death of a loved one. Launching in late 2024.
  • Phoenix Springs
    • This is a point-and-click adventure with a twist, where you search for your brother by collecting thoughts instead of objects. Launching on September 16 on Steam.
  • Tides of Tomorrow
    • A ‘choices matter’ narrative adventure set on an Ocean planet that was transformed after a great flood.

If you want to watch more of the showcases featured during the event, check out the Summer Game Fest schedule.

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