iPad Pro (M4, 2024) Review

For years, the iPad Pro has been Apple’s attempt to give creative professionals a way to do the bulk of their work on a tablet rather than a laptop – but for the first time, the 2024 model actually features a more advanced CPU than a MacBook: The M4. While this may seem to be … Read more

Société Générale to sell its freelancer challenger bank Shine to Ageras

Four years after acquiring Shinea French fintech startup that offers bank accounts to freelancers and very small companies, Société Générale has announced plans to sell Shine to Ages. In 2020, TechCrunch reported that Société Générale spent around €100 million to acquire Shine. It wasn’t a huge acquisition but it attracted quite a bit of coverage … Read more

Chipmaker Nvidia Becomes Most Valuable Company in S&P 500

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. Nvidia has seen soaring demand for its semiconductors, which are used to power artificial intelligence applications. (Associated Press/Chiang Ying-ying, File) (Stay on top of transportation news: Get TTNews in your inbox.) Nvidia’s startling ascent in the stock market reached another milestone June 18 as the chipmaker rose to become the most … Read more

Are built-in car sat-navs finally dead? Ferrari’s latest infotainment move suggests so

Ferrari has announced that it is removing built-in satellite navigation in a selection of its upcoming models, including the recently announced 12Cilindri and Purosangue SUV. Arguing that a Ferrari isn’t exactly used as a daily driver (although some Purosangue owners might beg to differ), Ferrari’s head of product marketing, Emanuele Carando told Drive: “We did … Read more

Lost Nasa probe that mysteriously stopped working in deep space in 2023 suddenly sends message from 15 billion miles out

AFTER months of disarray, a probe floating in deep space has resumed normal transmissions back to Earth. Nasa announced Friday that its Voyager 1 spacecraft was fully operational for the first time in months. 3 Nasa announced that its historic Voyager 1 spacecraft has resumed the normal transmission of data for the first time since … Read more

Squarespace: Create professional websites with ease

Creating and managing your own website may not be a huge problem for large companies. However, it is for people who are just starting a business, freelancers or smaller companies. Without in-depth know-how or the right tools, the process is quite time-consuming and complicated. Squarespace offers a special all-in-one solution for this. The user-friendly platform … Read more

‘Genny lec’ and ‘cozzie livs’. And who can afford ‘savvy b’? British slang is daft, but it is breaking taboos | Coco Khan

If you’ve spent any time online recently, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s something in the water. Some grown adults – usually of the millennial, gen Z variety, though not exclusively – have regressed to a kind of cutesy, baby language, even while discussing serious topics. In this language, the cost of living crisis is … Read more