(Closer captions)

Amid the rise of at-home and handheld-device streaming, closed captions are having a moment. But, as the US-born, Berlin-based artist Christine Sun Kim explores in the short film (Closer Captions)the descriptions they offer are rarely up to snuff, especially for Deaf people like her who rely on them. A playful dive into a form of communication that many rarely give a second thought to, in this short Kim explains why we shouldn’t settle for ‘(music)’ when we could have ‘(mournful violin music that sounds like crying alone in an empty bar)’. She then presents a short film in which she uses captions to draw out poetry from life’s small moments, describing, for instance, a shower as ‘the sound of shampoo scent floating among the fog’. The result is both a sharp commentary on the technology and an evocative glimpse into Kim’s unique perspective on sound, words and life.


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