Daisy Chain is the new motion studio creating “off-kilter work in the industry’s weird corners”

Motion designer and art director Connor Campbell (of CC Studio) and motion designer Harry Butt (Butt Studio), have launched their new motion studio, prioritising playful, experimental and vibrant aesthetics. Their collaborative journey started in 2020, creating a visual universe for Dua Lipa’s Hallucinate single. Named Daisy Chain, the studio emerged after the duo began “cramming our huge PCs into a small studio space” in 2021, Connor tells us. “We used to overload the only plug sockets with extension cables, daisy chaining them together,” he explains. But their nifty beginnings aren’t the only inspiration for its name – it’s the fusion of two minds and distinct visual styles.

Both Connor and Harry hope that Daisy Chain will offer an alternative to the visuals seen throughout animation studios at the moment. “We want to create off-kilter work and find the weird corners of the field,” Connor shares. This is first seen in their logo and website, where “everything is being pushed into something more than just the default”. The website, designed by Two Much Studio, unifies their work in an airy motion layout that presents the many connotations of Daisy Chain as a name; there are references to daisies in nature and a visuals-first approach highlighting their subversive ethos. Alongside a hover feature in the navigation bar that allows viewers to activate the animations and a scrollbar squishing giant daisies as you move down the site . “We wanted our website to bring our work together in an interactive way (…) Two Much have done an amazing job of making our wildest dreams come true,” he adds.

The Daisy Chain logo, created by London-based graphic designer Ciaran Birch, boasts a bulbous “end terminal” inspired by monograms and patterns found in Art Nouveau and throughout nature . “Initial references were snails, curled plants and typography lifted off European headstones,” Connor adds.


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