Dr. Squatch Is Here to Care for Your Balls

Say goodbye to grooming mishaps and hello to peak performance with Dr. Squatch’s Ultimate Ball Care Bundle ($96). This all-in-one kit is your ticket to top-notch hygiene and comfort. At the heart of this bundle is the Groin Guardian Trimmer ($70), boasting precision ceramic blades and Squatch-Shield Technology for a smooth, nick-free experience. Ergonomically designed with a no-slip grip, it’s perfect for both in-shower and dry trims, ensuring you stay fresh and confident from head to toe. Available in classic Dr. Squatch green and sleek black, it’s a must-have for any modern man.

But the grooming doesn’t stop there. Prep your pair with the Ball Barrier Dry Lotion ($14), a game-changer that goes on like a lotion and dries to a powder-like finish. Infused with natural ingredients like Arrowroot, Vitamin E, and Tapioca Starch, it controls sweat, odor, and friction. For on-the-go freshness, the Beast Wipes ($12) offer a quick, soothing cleanse with biodegradable fibers and natural ingredients. Choose from scents like Unscented, Wood Barrel Bourbon, and Rainforest Rapids.

We went ahead and gave the care kit a try and without going into too much detail, everything worked like a charm. The Groin Guardian Trimmer in particular is excellent for below-the-belt grooming. Plus the Ball Barrier Dry Lotion is great for staying cool and comfortable during these hot summer days.

Dr. Squatch’s Ultimate Ball Care Bundle is the complete solution for ultimate comfort and freshness.


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