Episode #232: Created Colorful

Today, we are discussing our experience with Created Colorful, which teaches you what colors look best on you.

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Show Notes:

Use code ELSIELARSON at Created Colorful for $20 off any product in their Shopify store—consults, gifts, bundles, and our Love Your Closet Audio Course!

What Created Colorful is:

Created Colorful is a virtual color analysis that lets you know what colors look best on you.

The process:

Sign up at www.createdcolorful.com.

They send you instructions to hold different color fabrics up to your face (with no makeup) and take pictures.

Then they will email you back if they need more photos.

The results:

Emma – Light summer

Elsie – Deep autumn

How it has helped you:

Feel more confident when purchasing clothes

Stop being a wasteful shopper

Makes shopping easier

Has opened up more options

Check out Created Colorful on Instagram

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Episode 232 Transcript:

Elsie: You’re listening to the A Beautiful Mess podcast, your cozy comfort listen. Today, we’re discussing our experience with Created Colorful, which teaches you which colors look best on you. This was so fun to learn about. I feel like it’s changed my life. We did it about a year ago. So yeah, this week we’re going to talk all about it and convince you that you have to do it.

Emma: And yeah, we’ve mentioned it a little bit here and there before. And we usually get questions about it. So we were like, let’s just deep dive like a whole episode about the process, the results, how it’s helped us now that it’s been some time since we’ve done it. I feel like I have a lot more to say about it than I did two weeks after I’d had it done. Because it kind of takes a minute to get used to. So anyway, it’s all that. Before we dive into Created Colorful, I wanted to do a little announcement. You may already know, because I feel like our podcast listeners are real friends and they’re in the know, but just in case, and also feel like if I don’t get to talk about this, then it’s weird, but my book, Handmade Murder, is available as an audiobook.

Elsie: Woo! 

Emma: So if you didn’t see that on our blog or on Instagram, then you’re hearing it here. So it’s on Audible and iTunes. It should be available in pretty much any territory. So if you’re outside of the United States, you should still be able to find it. If not, send me an email, podcast@abeautifulmess.com because I’m a first time self publisher and I’m figuring some things out and it could be that I just need to press a few more buttons and I could get it in your territory. But, yeah, it’s on Audible and iTunes for sure, and it may be on some other platforms because I’m not 100 percent sure how it always gets distributed because, like, my print and electronic version of the book are available in so many more places than I realized, like, it’s on target.com, it’s on walmart.com, it’s on barnesandnoble. com. Sometimes it’s in the store. So, I don’t totally know all the ins and outs of distribution, I’m just doing my best. But I know that it’s on Audible and iTunes, so if you’re needing an audiobook, or you’ve been wanting to read my book, but you just don’t have time to read, I get it. I also love audiobooks, so I was very excited to work on this, and it is available. And in case you’re curious, yes, it is read by the author, it is read by me, and I had a lot of fun with this. It’s part of why it took a little bit longer, because I was so nauseous my first trimester that I just didn’t feel like I could sit and read this book and do a good job. And I really wanted to do a really nice job with it. And so I feel like it turned out really nice. The last audio book that I listened to was read by Meryl Streep. So I’m not going to compare it to other audio books. 

Elsie: Don’t compare it. 

Emma: Because she’s like the greatest performer of our time. But I will say, I do think it’s a nice performance and you obviously are familiar with my voice if you’re a podcast listener. I sound like this. And I think it turned out really nice. I think it’s very entertaining. It’s a pretty quick listen. Thanks And it’s a fun book. 

Elsie: Do you know how many hours it came out to be? 

Emma: No, I don’t know off the top of my head. 

Elsie: That’s interesting! Well, I mean, props to you for reading it yourself. That is a high level, skilled task to take on, so I’m really proud of you for just, like, going for it and doing it.

Emma: I did my best,  and I think it turned out really nice. I’m really happy with it, and I’ve had a number of people listen to it already, and maybe they’re being nice, but I think they would have told me if I needed to record more areas over again. So I think it turned out really good. And so I’m excited for that. I think audio books also just make literature more accessible to more people for all sorts of reasons. Yeah. So I’m just really happy.

Elsie: There’s so many. So many good opportunities when you’re taking a walk. I love audio books. It’s like every day of my life. I think that it’s a modern miracle.

Emma: They keep me company a lot. So I would be honored if my book keeps you company. So it’s available. Check it out. If you have any interests. 

Elsie: Yes, and leave Emma reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, anywhere that you can leave a review, five stars only. 

Emma: I mean, yeah, that’s much appreciated. But yeah, there are lots of reviews that I’ve been shocked how many, so if you’ve already left me a review, thank you. It really does help and it really does mean a lot. 

Elsie: Oh, I’m so proud of you. Congratulations. 

Emma: Thanks. 

Elsie: Yeah. That’s a big one. 

Emma: Okay. So let’s talk about Created Colorful. 

Elsie: Okay, so I first heard about this when I was doing a, you know, the little Q& A box on Instagram and someone said, what season are you? And I said, I think I’m probably a fall or winter. What season do you think I am? And a lot of people wrote me back and said, I did a color analysis with Created Colorful, which is a company that offers this service. And someone said, specifically, it changed my life. Like, it helped me feel more confident about myself, and I signed up for it that day. Like, immediately, yes. That’s a good review. Yeah. Yeah. So I have a code, it’s ElsieLarson, and I think it’s 20 percent off. I’m not sure about that. Well, you’ll get some percentage off. Pretty sure it’s a, it’s a code that does something. So yeah, use our code if you want to. So, a virtual color console from Created Colorful, which is what we did, is 180.I understand that that’s a lot of money, so I will explain to you why it was worth it to me. And do with it what you will. There’s definitely other people out there on the internet who offer the same thing. This is just who we used. I used it because it was like someone personally recommended it to me on Instagram. And you know, the personal recommendation is kind of everything. It really is. Okay, so what it was is you sign up, you pay the 180, and then they send you instructions for how to get started, and this was more than a year ago now, but they tell you, like, to hold up sort of like fabric or clothes, or it could even be like, I was stealing things from my kid’s closet, my husband’s closet, but just to hold up fabric with different colors to your face, and you’re supposed to kind of have your hair back out of your face, you’re supposed to not wear makeup. And honestly, like, I hated doing it. I thought, like, pictures looked horrible. Like, I’ve seen people post their pictures online. Mine looked way worse than anyone ever. Like, to me. But, it’s like, not the point. So I just, I participated in the The act of it, I did it, you know, I wore up actually, absolutely no makeup. And then, yeah, they have you go back several times. So I had to do three. You’re supposed to, I think it’s like, if you do a good job, you only have to do two rounds. And if you do a bad job, you might have to do three. And I had to do three. What did you have? 

Emma: I had two rounds. I didn’t really know. I was hoping one round. So now I’m like, oh, I guess I did a good job. I thought I did a bad job and that’s why I had to do two rounds. 

Elsie: Yeah. And like, sometimes you don’t have all the colors that they ask for. Don’t do the ones you just don’t have. I guess you could probably go to the store and get like a piece of fabric or something, but I didn’t take it that far. I just used whatever I had or like the best thing I could find. And yeah, when I looked at the photos. Initially, because you end up with a camera grid of like yourself with like 20 different colors held up to your face and you can kind of tell instantly which ones are the worst. For me, I wasn’t like able to see which ones were the best and I was glad I was like getting the second opinion, but I could definitely see that for me, like, I knew, like, yellow was, like, my worst possible color, and, like, pastel colors, like, peach, and I’ve kind of always known that because my mom and I have the same similar colors, and my mom looks horrible in pastels, and she’s always, like, said that, like, when we were in, like, I’ve always noticed, like, in springtime, when I would, like, Go to get an Easter dress that was like a part of our childhood that I always was like so excited. I loved how they looked on the rack. And then when I started putting them on, I didn’t love how they looked. So it kind of made sense to me. I knew I was probably a fall or maybe a winter. Okay, so talk about your experience with the consult.

Emma: Yeah, so I will say this was a time that my Big Bud jumpsuits really came in handy. Because I seriously have like nine or ten jumpsuits and they’re a solid color and they’re all different colors. And I just used the jumpsuits on my first round and a few other items in my closet. And so I could hold up, you know, red, yellow, black, green, two different blues, oh, purple, you know, whatever. And so it made it really fast and easy. And yeah, the process is really not hard. I didn’t love my photos either. It wasn’t like, I’m going to be texting these around. These are my new headshots because I didn’t really have makeup on and I have my hair kind of pulled back. And it was nice lighting. They do tell you to like, you know, stand near a window or something so that they can see your skin and see your eyes, you know. Yeah, I also have this piece of art in my bathroom, our main bathroom that my husband and I share. I bought it off Etsy and it’s really beautiful. It’s very artistic, but it’s a nude and it’s in the background of all my photos. So I would never post them anyway, because they get taken down because it’s, Oh, it’s a nude. That’s funny. Anyway, so I sent those off and then. The second round that I did, they had me do colors that they were kind of like thinking might be my colors. So they were like, try to find charcoal and just, you know, some other color, more specific things. And I do remember stealing a couple things from my husband’s closet because I didn’t, I can’t even remember what they were, but just like random pieces of fabric. You can also just use anything around your house that you have that, like, is that color. Because you’re really just, like, holding it up to your face and taking basically a selfie. Yes. And I’ll also say, as far as, like, recommending, because I do think this would be a really fun gift for, like, a friend. It’d be a great gift or a teenager. I don’t know. I just could see it being a really sweet gift. I thought that every email I got from them, every interaction with them and their team was very positive and very, like, complimentary, but not in, like, a bullsh*t way in a giving real compliments about, like, you know, my eyes are one of my favorite thing, and they just talked about the color of my eyes, and it was just really nice. Because I think anytime you’re doing something that might feel a little bit vulnerable, like sending a bunch of no makeup selfies, trying to figure out what colors look good on you. You wonder if they’re gonna send you back an email that’s like, oh, you look awful and it’s brown, you know, or whatever, and it’s gonna kind of ruin your day. That did not happen. I thought it was extremely positive and very encouraging. 

Elsie:  I agree. They were so hyped and so kind. I kind of did think it was bullsh*t a little bit because mypictures were so bad. But also I was like, but they were doing their job. They were like, like showing you the best possible options. So let’s talk about getting the results. Okay. So mine was sort of what I expected. Was yours what you expected?

Emma: No. So mine is called Light Summer. There’s a whole bunch of different seasons. It’s not just like the four seasons. If you’ve never seen any color analysis there’s three versions or three varieties for each season each of the four seasons. So there’s 12 total. So there’s a light, medium, and dark for every season. So I’m a light summer. So, what that means is I look really good in light coloring or neutral cool tone coloring. And some of my best colors are blues, lavender, white, uh, not so much like black would be better in charcoal. And I should kind of avoid colors that are super bold or earth tone or warm. 

Elsie: Did you cry? 

Emma: No, I didn’t cry. 

Elsie: But did you have anything that you love to wear that you were upset about or did you feel like, did you feel like it helped you more or did you feel like it was frustrating? 

Emma: So, I think for a lot of life, like when I started to learn to dress in my opinion, better or more put together or like buying nicer pieces. So a lot of my early thirties was like figuring that stuff out. You kind of start buying a lot of what I would call neutrals and a lot of neutrals or what people think of whatever pops in your head, I can pretty much guarantee you are earth tones and earth tones don’t look good on me. So, it was kind of like, uh, I needed to switch in my mind, like, what neutral, quote unquote neutral means.

Elsie: That’s interesting, yeah. 

Emma: Because like, khaki is not a good color for me, it’s actually, like, kind of unflattering. 

Elsie: Me either. 

Emma: And even like, kind of a earth tone green, which I love that color, I love greens. Not so great. I would be better off with more of a light emerald or some kind of jewel tone type thing like, you know, or turquoise, but lighter. So I had to kind of rethink neutrals. And I think that was a little bit frustrating because you have a lot of things in your closet that are very basic. So it’ll be like, Black, earth tone greens, khakis, things like that, and those actually aren’t great for me. So there’s kind of a little bit of that, but I do actually like my colors. I’ve always thought I looked great in blue. I have blue eyes. So I always felt like when I wore blue that would kind of set off my eyes. So that wasn’t surprising and that was nice and I have a number of blue things and I love, I love blue. I like wearing blue. I think it’s a really cool color. I’m, I’m not, I never really thought of myself as a pastel person, like it’s just not something that I gravitate towards, but now I do for clothing because it is, it looks good on me. Like lavender is a color that looks really, really nice on me and I never would have guessed that. So yeah, um, it’s kind of funny. And then I’ve always noticed that when I wear lipsticks that have a little bit of like purple in them, like a pink that kind of slants towards purple. Rather than red or orange that always looks a lot better on me.

Elsie: Interesting.

Emma: So now I know better like what blush colors and lip colors. I use a lot of multi stick So it’s like the same piece of makeup that goes on my cheeks that goes on my lips But I try to find things that have a little bit of purple in them I’m kind of slant that direction rather than a bold red or orange orange because those don’t look as good on me. And yeah, for me, like knowing that I’m light summer, it took a little bit to think through the neutrals. But other than that, I really like it because it definitely helps me when I’m shopping. But we’ll talk about that next. What was your season? 

Elsie: Okay. So when I got my results, I was Mostly happy. I was not like some people are devastated when they first get it and that’s a normal thing. Like some people are disappointed and then they try the colors and they get into it later. Like I’ve seen that with some of my friends, but for me, I knew I was going to be an autumn or a winter, but I thought I was going to be a winter and I ended up being a deep autumn. And I think I’ve, I was, I believed it, I suspected it, because like, you know, they have like the celebrity pictures a lot. So one of the celebrities for mine is Julia Roberts, and I do feel like she has like a lot of different hair colors, and she has like the same things as me where she looks good with darker hair and red hair, both of those work, and like not so good with blonde hair, you know what I mean?

Emma: Yeah, all my celebrities are like Michelle Pfeiffer, Jodie Foster, Amy Poehler, Naomi Watts, Kirsten Dunst. I just like wrote some down so I can tell people. 

Elsie: Oh those are interesting. 

Emma: It’s a lot of blondes or people who go blonde a lot.

Elsie: And it does make sense that we’re opposite palettes because we’ve always known this about ourselves that we do, we do look alike. And we have a lot of the same features, but we have, like, just drastically different colors. It’s like, mainly the color is the thing that’s so different. So anyway, I was happy that I was in autumn, but I was sad that I wasn’t a winter. Because winter, there is a part of me that wants to be a goth person. And they did say on mine that like black is not your hottest color, which I still to this day have a hard time believing because I don’t know, I think everyone thinks they look good in black. It’s just an ingrained thing. Most people think that even if it’s not true, I can see that there are other colors that are better, but I would say I’m wearing black right now. I still don’t think black is bad. And that’s something that I adjusted. And more recently, they put up a video on Instagram that was talking about how, like, if you want, like, other palettes, like, to sort of, like, expand to, like, your sister palette, like, mine, since I’m deep autumn, would be deep winter. And I like that, because I like that palette, too. It’s not something I would wear, like, every day. It’s more dramatic, for sure. But I want to have, like, options. Yeah. So, um, yeah. And I think that’s like a thing that if anyone has a criticism about the color analysis, it’s usually that they don’t want to feel limited and they want to just be able to wear what they love. And that is, I think, valid and understandable. But in my experience, it kind of, like, honed me down a little bit. And I feel like I am more able to wear what I love just within parameters that, like, It makes me feel more confident about my purchases. Like I feel like before I did the color analysis, I had a really colorful closet. I knew that it wasn’t good because I knew it was like I had a double personality. I had like clothes I would wear for the blog photos and then clothes I would wear in real life and they were opposite and I didn’t actually want to be a colorful dresser anymore. Like I’ve known that about myself for a while. It’s just not what I’m, it’s not what I love in my soul, it’s not what I’m drawn to, it’s just kind of what I felt like it was like the persona that I was stuck with from my 20s or something, or 30s, I don’t know, one of those. But anyway, I think that for me it was extremely helpful, and since I have done the analysis, I’ve still bought a little bit of stuff that’s a different color, but I’m just like a little more careful with it. Because for me, it’s like, I want to wear black and I want to wear bright red. They’re like, just do it with a cardigan or like, you know, just do it like with a hat or like there’s little tricks you can do to still bring in your best color. 

Emma: It can be like a color that’s not so great for you because it’s not right by your face. And then you can wear something that might flatter 

Elsie: On Easter, I really wanted this dress that was like, It’s just like a cute Christy Dawn dress, and I just wanted it, and I just bought it, and I wore it, and it was like, I knew it wasn’t my color, and I knew it wasn’t like, the greatest thing I could wear, but I still liked it, and it’s like, I think It was cute. Who cares? You know what I mean? There is a case for who cares once in a while, and like, no one can ever take that away from you, so I think if you’re fearful that it’s gonna like, limit you too much, just don’t. 

Emma: It’s not a diagnosis. It doesn’t mean, it’s not like finding out that you need to be gluten free and it’s like, no,you’re going to make yourself sick if you do this. It’s like, no, these are just colors. It’s just a recommendation. It’s not, you know, a diagnosis. So I think if you view it that way, it’s like if you’re out shopping and you’re like, you have this style shirt that you like and it comes in two colors and you’re like, should I get it in black or charcoal? I’m like, oh, I’ll get it in charcoal because I know it looks a little better on me. Great. Made it easier for me to decide. But if I am out at a thrift and I see a dress that’s like the absolute wrong orange, but I’m so excited about it, I’m just gonna buy it and wear more makeup whenever I wear it.

Elsie: And that’s just how it’s gonna go. I will say there is something to it like, if you want to wear a color that’s wrong for you, but you do it with like, More makeup or a spray tan or lashes or other things that make you feel like artificially confident. That also works, too. So anyway, since the analysis, I have bought a ton of brown and like maroon. These are not colors that I would have said were my favorite colors or like been drawn to in the past, but I can recognize now that they just look good and they work and they blend. It’s kind of just like, like you with the lavender. It’s like, this is always going to be a win. And like brown clothes are actually really easy to find. I think I just didn’t think of it before because I was always attracted to like You want to be a colorful lady. Yeah. So anyway, it’s so interesting. I would recommend it to anyone if you’re going through a time when you feel like you want to change your style, or you want to feel more confident, or you just like, Want to, you know, like be a smarter shopper. Like there was definitely a time in my life where I felt like I was like a wasteful shopper. I mean, it was a wasteful shopper. Same. So I think that this can be helpful for all those things. 

Emma: Yeah. And I think it’s kind of like a similar thing to like understanding your body type or like fits that look good on you. It just makes it easier to shop. Yeah. And if you’re, you know, a person who’s like, fashion is my number one hobby, I love fashion. It’s like, that’s awesome. Like, you’re going to do all sorts of experimental things that frankly, I’m never going to do because I just kind of want simple clothes that, you know, going to last me a long time. That’s quick for me to get ready in the mornings. And I do a lot of wacky necklaces cause I like to make jewelry. So like, you know, like. You just have to know yourself and, like, find what works for you. And I feel like if you’re wanting to kind of make your closet more cohesive and everything look good on you, understanding fit and understanding your colors are really valuable.

Elsie: Yeah, I completely agree. Definitely check out Created Colorful on Instagram. They have some really great videos and like, I think they have a good vibe overall. Like Emma said, they’re extremely positive. They’re going to pump you up and make you feel good about yourself, which is amazing. And yeah, there’s, there’s really nothing bad about the color analysis. Yeah, except for like when they said black isn’t your best color, but I still, um, I still wear black. It’s not my best color either, but yeah, it’s not a diagnosis. It’s just a recommendation. Yeah. And, um, let’s talk a tiny bit more about makeup and just like other, you know, sort of like honing down your aesthetic. Like what I was hoping to get out of it was I also asked them questions like, Okay. Because you can ask questions, which is cool. And I asked like, which hair color is more suited for me? Like, cause, and I have like, kind of go between like a more black hair and a more reddish hair. And they said they’re both kind of like equal. And I was like, okay, that’s, that’s like good. That’s nice to know. And I really wanted makeup. Like I wanted to make sure my makeup was fitting and this was helpful for sure. I feel like autumn thing makes it really easy to shop for makeup and like what Emma said about like Getting like a little bit more of a purplish tone in her lipstick. 

Emma: Like that’s super helpful. It’s a bummer when you go buy like nice makeup, and then it just really doesn’t like you try it a few times and you’re like, why did I buy this? 

Elsie: A lot of buying makeup online is seeing other people using it and like videos and like I love watching videos of people putting on makeup.

Emma: Oh yeah. 

Elsie: But that’s sort of like one of the worst ways that you can shop for makeup. Unless you know they’re your season. 

Emma: But yeah, it’s not always, it’s just gonna look different on you. 

Elsie: Yeah. 

Emma: I say the same too with nail polish. It’s not that nail polish is that expensive. I do my colors and nail polish all the time now and I love it.

Elsie: Same. And yeah, it looks better because sometimes I would buy some kind of, you know, autumn colored nail polish and then I would try it on and I was like, This doesn’t look very good on me. I don’t like this. I just end up picking it off and it’s just, you know, another like little wasteful thing where you’re like, okay, I’m going to give this to my sister now because this is not my shade. So yeah, it’s  just nice.  So a positive thing. is that I feel like my closet, my closet’s messy, but like the stuff in my closet is like the best it’s ever been. It’s very cohesive, I’m definitely on my color scheme 90 percent of the time, and it has made my shopping way easier. It makes it easier when you see a dress that you like in three colors, it makes it easier to choose, you know, which one looks the best on you. I think that like, being In Enneagram 7. I always knew this about myself deep down, but like, I’m very influenced by how the models look in the dresses. And you know what I mean? Like a lot of times I would buy like a colorful dress or a pastel dress and the model was like black and like Obviously, like, I don’t have the same, yeah, like, obviously, I’m probably not gonna have the same, like, color, like, you know, the same effect, um, and then, yeah, I would get it in the mail and be like, ew! So, I think that knowing, your colors, I don’t know, for me, it was very helpful. It helped me to not be so distracted by what looks good on other people. And like, now I can just appreciate like, like I love lavender. And I think it’s like, every time I see Emma wearing it, it gives me a happy flutter in my heart. And I’m so happy for her. And I used to. By pastels kind of a lot because I like, I don’t know. I like it, but they’re pretty. I always knew that pink looked bad on me deep down, even though it was one of my favorite colors. 

Emma: Yeah, I will say to like, I actually think in a lot of ways, rather than limiting me in some ways, it really opened me up. Like, for example. One of the things is I tend to look a little better in silver jewelry versus yellow gold and oh interesting Yeah, and I still wear a ton of yellow gold Most of my jewelry is yellow gold and that’s fine. Like it’s jewelry, you know, whatever you want to do but I honestly didn’t really give silver much of a second look cause I just thought it wasn’t cool or it was like something that other people did. And then once I found out it actually looks good with my skin and my colors, I was like, Oh, I should give silver a chance. And now I have a few silver necklaces and silver earrings, like these big drop earrings that really look really cute on me. And I never would have bought them or tried silver if it wasn’t for them saying, Hey, you actually would look better in silver than gold. So I’m like, oh, try that then. But I didn’t run out and get rid of all my gold jewelry either. So, 

Elsie: Yeah, actually Emma and I both traded some of our clothes. So I passed on to her some, my lavender jumpsuit and this some I think a light green  So now we’re all redistributed. It’s perfect. Hopefully you all will have a sister who’s the opposite color of you two and that really works out. That really works out. Okay. Well, my code is ElsieLarson. Use it if you want. And let us know if you have, if you have an experience with it, we just want to hear about it. I think it’s such an interesting subject. I like hearing the stories of the people who get mad after they get there. So I think it’s so funny. Oh, I know. It’s hilarious. But then it usually turns out good in the end. Don’t freak out. 

Emma: You’ve got to open your heart. 

Elsie: Okay, it’s time for Nova’s segment. Hey Nova, what do you have for us this week? 

Nova: A meditation. 

Elsie: What kind of meditation? 

Nova: A Mother’s Day meditation. And also, all you mothers listening out there, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. 

Elsie: Awww. Okay, let’s hear the meditation. I’m closing my eyes. 

Nova: Breathe in, and out. One more time. Breathe in, and out. Imagine you’re on a sunny beach for your Mother’s Day gift. And then, imagine that the waves are rolling in and out. Then, your children come to play. They give you a present that they made and give you some seashells. Then, you go back to your house and you sleep. Then, you wake up. Next day on Mother’s Day, you wake up and find plenty of presents. All your kids are waiting there, smiling and ready for you to open them. Then, after you open all of them, You go to the beach again to have one more last look. And you bring a beach ball for your kids to play. You watch them and start to join in. Then, when you’re all ready, you take all the seashells that you find and bring them back to the airport. Then you get on your plane home. And then, Once you get back home, you put the seashells on a little frame and put a picture in it, so you’ll always remember the wonderful, splendid time at the beach. One more breathe in, and out. 

Elsie: Thank you, Nova. That was the best Mother’s Day ever. 

Nova: You’re welcome. Happy Mother’s Day again! Bye!

Emma: Thank you so much for listening. We love hearing your suggestions for topics for future episodes. You can send us an email at podcast@abeautifulmess.com with your request. And next week, we are coming back with an update about our life bucket list. This is something from an episode in 2020 so we’re going way back.


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