EU Election Time: Use your Vote for Culture and Cultural Heritage

With the European Parliament elections in full swing, we once again ask your attention for our Cultural Deal for Europe campaign.

With our Cultural Deal for Europe campaign, Europa Nostra, European Cultural Foundation and Culture Action Europe urge all future Members of the European Parliament as well as political parties, policymakers and you to place culture and cultural heritage at the heart of our Union.

We are calling each of you to cast your vote at the European Elections, among others, in support of the proposed Cultural Deal for Europe. Take a look at the Culture Voting Pack prepared by our partners from Culture Action Europe, which provides an insight into the role of culture and cultural heritage in the programmes of the various European Political Parties.


Because in a polarised world, culture and heritage unites us and brings us together; it is how we exchange ideas; how we ignite citizens’ hearts and fuel their minds; culture and heritage represent what we want for the future of our societies.

Without it, the very future of Europe is under threat.

That is why we call for a Cultural Deal for Europe: for culture and cultural heritage to be included in the EU’s funding programmes, sustainable development strategies, relations with the rest of the world, and vision for our future.

What can you do?

Please help us share the video above explaining why we need a Cultural Deal for Europe. Too long? We published a shorter version here.

And – in case you have not yet done so – endorse the campaign on the dedicated page.

We have created a union of states and institutions. These elections are an opportunity to craft a union of values and people.



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