Glassdoor’s Best-Led Companies Award 2024: How Leaders Shape Culture

What makes a great leader? Is that a determining factor for a successful company? Leaders are the architects of organizational culture and therefore, employee satisfaction. Their actions, decisions, and interactions set the example for what is valued and expected within the company.

Glassdoor economic research shows that the quality of senior leadership is a leading factor in long-term overall employee satisfaction in the US, together with the organization’s culture and values and access to career opportunities within the organization.

That is why Glassdoor launched its inaugural Best-Led Companies Award. This new ranking reveals the top 50 companies with exceptional leadership (according to employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor).

Glassdoor’s Best Lead Companies Award for 2024 spotlights organizations that excel in cultivating environments where employees thrive. This prestigious recognition underscores the integral role that leadership plays in setting the tone for company culture and fostering behaviors that resonate throughout the organization, not only beneficial for employees but also drive business success. An analysis of U.S. 5-star senior management reviews on Glassdoor over the past year (3/1/23 – 2/29/24) found that the following keywords appeared in reviews:

  • Collaborative (95% in the pros section)
  • Supportive (93%)
  • Flexible (92%)
  • Inclusive (92%)
  • Passionate (91%)
  • Culture (88%)

The Methodology: How is the Best-Led list determined

The Glassdoor Best-Led Companies Awards 2024 rely on anonymous company reviews from employees. They rate factors like CEO performance and senior management. Employees can choose approve, disapprove, or no opinion for the CEO.

The selection process for the awards takes into account both quantitative and qualitative Glassdoor ratings of CEO job performance, senior management, and senior leadership sentiment. Here are some key points:

  • 12% of the companies on the list are led by women.
  • The technology industry is the most represented, with 12 companies on the list, followed by finance, consulting, and retail, each with 6 companies.
  • The top metros represented are the San Francisco Bay Area, CA (11 companies), New York City, NY (4 companies), and Houston, TX (4 companies).

Best Led Companies 2024: Top 10

  1. Bain & Company
  2. Databricks
  3. Oppose
  5. Raymond James Financial
  6. Equitable Advisors
  7. AMD
  8. Samsara
  9. In-N-Out Burger
  10. Autodesk

Here is the complete list.

By setting the example, leaders not only enhance their organizations but also contribute to a broader movement towards better workplaces. As we analyze these companies and their impact on employee wellbeing, we are reminded of the profound impact that great leadership can have on creating thriving, dynamic, and resilient organizations.


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