How Great Is This San Francisco Park Proposal?!

Photos by Julie Jordan

On her dating profile, Claire Vu asked guys to recommend music she could dance to. Luis Ramirez responded by sending her a playlist. Soon they went on a first date, and two years later, they got engaged. Here, Claire and Luis tell us their proposal story, including a personality test and beautiful view…

What drew you to one another?

Claire: I’m a very introverted person and wanted to find that in a partner. On first dates, I’d always ask, ‘Are you an introvert or an extrovert?’ When we met, Luis told me, ‘Okay, what are you seeing right now is the most extroverted I can be. I’m usually very introverted.’ We’re really compatible in terms of who we are.

Claire, looking back on the day, were there signs? Did Luis seem nervous?

Claire: Well, Luis is always kind of nervous. (Luis laughs.)

What did you plan for the proposal?

Luis: We first went to an acrobatic show called Dear San Franciscoand then I’d made a reservation for a fancy dinner later that night. In between, we walked to Ina Coolbrith Parkwhich is totally underrated. It has beautiful views of the bay, and I’d hired a photographer to meet us there.

Luis, while you were walking to the park after the show, what was going on in your mind?

Luis: My coworker once showed me the TikTok about how when guys get down on one knee to propose, they don’t keep their backs straight and it looks bad in photos. Walking up to the park, I kept thinking about my posture.

Claire, when did you realize what was happening?

Claire: We were in the park and I heard a camera click. I looked over and saw the photographer, and then Luis started tearing up. He said, ‘For the past two years…’ and after that it’s a bit of a blur. Now I understand the trope of people forgetting to say ‘yes’ in the moment!

How did you feel after the proposal?

Luis: I could see that she was in a daze. We walked over to the photographer, Julieand I introduced them. Then I suggested taking photos in Chinatown before dinner — we’d had really meaningful early dates there. Within five minutes, Claire began brainstorming spots to take pictures.

Claire: Yeah, I went from being completely clueless to, Okay, I’m ready to art direct!

How did you end the day?

Luis: We went to dinner at Quince to celebrate. Especially on the apps, there are so many little things that can go wrong that can make one person not want to continue. But, for us, the opposite happened.

Claire: I feel incredibly lucky that I found Luis. Because we’re both introverts, the odds of us meeting at a party are very, very low. (Both laugh.)

Thanks so much for sharing your engagement story, Luis and Claire!

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(Photos by Julie Jordan.)


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