Korea Destinations: Jinju’s Railroad Culture Park

Railroad Culture Park (Jinju City)

Railroad Culture Park in Jinju, completed in June last year, is becoming a popular rest area and a hotspot for photography.

The park was developed as part of the city’s efforts to revitalize the old downtown area around the former Jinju Station and create a cultural and artistic hub.

The park has gained a reputation as a vibrant cultural space, hosting large-scale cultural events, busking performances, and various exhibitions.

Key features of the Railroad Culture Park include the multi-purpose cultural facility at Ilho Square Jinju Station, a vehicle maintenance depot, a community complex with convenience facilities, and Maenggongi Ecological Park, which serves as a nature learning site.

The park is adorned with about 10,000 trees and shrubs and 200,000 plants and has a natural play garden, an outdoor exhibition hall, and a mirror pond using a tram stand has been established to provide leisure spaces for citizens.

A pedestrian path was created along the old railroad tracks from the northern side of the park to the Knowledge Industry Center, reconnecting previously separated paths and significantly improving accessibility for park users. The path is 8 to 9 meters wide, with lighting facilities to ensure the path is safe and comfortable to use at night, making it a popular spot among citizens since its opening.

The city has planted canolas, sunflowers, and cosmos along the 430-meter pedestrian path, creating a vibrant flower walkway that changes with the seasons. The entire pedestrian path stretches 1,438 meters, connecting the Railroad Culture Park, the Knowledge Industry Center, and the old Manggyeong Underpass.

Future phases of the railway site regeneration project near the Railroad Culture Park will add even more resources and attractions to the area.

The National Jinju Museum, currently located within Jinju Castle, is slated to relocate to the park by 2027.

Additionally, the construction project to connect the Gajwa-dong-Jinchiryeong Tunnel bicycle path and the Namgang Riverside Multipurpose Cultural Center, part of a cultural street project at the old Jinju Station with a budget of 29.3 billion won, is progressing smoothly.


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