Microsoft Xbox Doom Showcase—There’s a Dragon In This One

Another day, another Doom Slay-er game arrives in 2025.

Violent games provide a cathartic release for many, and the Microsoft Xbox Doom showcase gives us another go at taking down some demons. The Xbox Doom trailer looks impressive and id Software has outdone itself with its morbidly scenic showcase. A few details of the new Doom game that was announced were leaked a few weeks ago so we knew it was coming, but we now have some additional clarity about what’s coming. The Doom: The Dark Ages game is actually meant to be a prequel to Doom Eternal (2020), adding more lore to the long legacy of the Doom (1993) series. The Doom Eternal sequel-prequel game has a very medieval setting and we’re excited to see how they develop this atmosphere with the game.

Image: Doom: The Dark Ages

What Did the Microsoft Xbox Doom Showcase Reveal?

The Xbox Doom trailer begins with a prophetic message, “Before he became a hero, he was the superweapon of gods and kings.” Zooming through unsettling landscapes, we draw close to a kingdom on fire, the charred remains of trees and crumbling buildings giving us a sense of what is in store. We soon happen upon our hero, arming himself for the fight that awaits.

We don’t want to know who thought of a weapon that turns the skulls of your enemies into deadly projectiles but we’re not going to pretend we aren’t curious enough to try the gun out. The Captain America-esque snap-on shield looks dramatic, more so when it switches things up and brings out chainsaw blades on its edges. The brutal absurdity of it all is surprisingly endearing.

If the sizzling sparks and spurting blood aren’t enough to get you playing, flying a dragon might do the trick for you. Doom: The Dark Ages has a heavy atmosphere and while it’s difficult to fully see and appreciate the character design of your enemies, perhaps future showcases will give us a better glimpse of who you’re fighting. Developer id Software, with the creative genius of John Carmack, began the series all the way back in 1996 and is credited for establishing the first-person shooter genre of gaming with this very series. The continuation of that legacy may prompt some to wonder if people haven’t tired of that format already, but just as with the recent Microsoft Xbox Doom showcase, there’s always something to look forward to.

New Doom Game Announced—Where Can You Play It?

The Microsoft Xbox Doom showcase is exciting news for Xbox players certainly—Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X|S users have a new FPS game to look forward to. However, the Doom Eternal sequel is also coming to PlayStation 5 and Windows PCs, so a full range of players will soon have a chance to experience the game. While we don’t have an exact release date, the Doom: The Dark Ages game will be released in 2025.

Image: Will Doom: The Dark Ages will have us riding dragons with fiery powers?

Bored of Waiting for the Doom Eternal Sequel?

The Microsoft Xbox Doom showcase was pointedly quiet about what exactly the story could involve this time around. Some suggest this may be an origin story, while other rumors focus on how this is likely just another adventure for the immortal Doomguy. Regardless, it looks set to be an action-packed adventure we can get behind. Considering you might have to wait at least a year before you get to play the game, now is a great time to stop rewatching the Doom: The Dark Ages trailer and go play Doom Eternal to catch up on everything that has happened in the game recently.

Doom Eternal has had a very successful run since its launch in 2020, and this is highlighted by the numbers by Superdata which report the game sold three million digital copies within its release month. More recently, the game also had two DLC releases, Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods: Part One and Part Two. There is a substantial chunk of gameplay waiting for you to experience if you haven’t already tried the game before.

The newly announced Doom game has assuaged some of our fears that Microsoft’s acquisition of id Software and Bethesda would hurt the potential of these developers to churn out games that are worthwhile. The continuation of legacies and quality productions we’ve seen recently are comforting and we’re hoping the teams only grow in size and capability, breathing more life into projects that arrive on our consoles.


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