My Millennial Friends Keep Asking Me What Socks to Wear—Here’s The Answer

A new debate about a buzzing topic has quietly made its way into our timelines, recommended within our algorithms, and, hell, was recently brought up during one of our Everygirl editorial meetings. No, it’s not about the latest Bravo scandal or whatever Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are doing right now—it’s about whether we should be wearing ankle socks or crew socks. Needless to say, just as this topic is sparking a frenzy online, it was during our meeting as well. Our editors’ opinions varied from having very strong opinions about socks to absolute confusion over what socks to wear. I myself happen to be on the side of having very strong opinions on why I’m Team Crew Sock.

The ones that finally converted me were the Hanes Cushioned Crew Socks. I’ve repurchased these socks time after time, and in my humble opinion, there’s seriously not a better sock out there. I don’t like a compressive sock (which I found most crew socks can be), and these Cushioned Crew Socks are consistently within my budget. (As much as I love the finer things in life, I can only justify spending so much on socks.) They’re perfectly plush, slightly slouchy, but most importantly, not too thick or too thin. I have them in both their crew sock length and ankle length (which I wouldn’t describe as an ankle sock, but a shorter crew length).

If you never want to ditch your ankle socks, then don’t! I do like wearing ankle socks while working out, so I can’t say that I’m strictly anti-ankle socks. But sometimes, that little peek of white (or any other color!) outside of your shoe just pulls your whole look together. If you’re ready to hop on the crew sock bandwagon, we’ve outlined the best options for you below.

My Trick to Styling Crew Socks (Without Feeling Like a ’90s Dad)

The trick to styling crew socks is not to pull them all the way up—they’re crew socks, not knee socks! As someone who has been wearing crew socks for quite a while now, I found that if you feel like you can’t quite achieve the look, pull them up, and then scrunch them down (yes, exactly like those ’90s tube socks). If you’re still on the fence, start with an ankle-length crew sock to ease into it.

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