New to this planet

Tokyo’s streets can feel like another planet, overflowing with bars, arcades, and pachinko parlors. Shot in the nightlife hub of Sangenjaya, a neighborhood with some of the city’s best street style, “New To This Planet ” captures the feeling of experiencing Tokyo for the first time through the eyes of a not-quite-human creature. Featuring some of the most important emergent styles in Tokyo right now: Y3K, ugly beauty, and cyber abstractionism, the series is a glimpse into what’s brewing in the world of subcultural style, showcasing jewelry pieces from Tokyo-based jewelry brand Moira X Mel.

Partially a tribute to Japanese artist Mariko Mori’s cyber girl in the real-world narratives and the experience of feeling like an outsider in a new environment, this series is about giving the unfamiliar a hug and seeing what happens. The series features a team of long-term residents in Tokyo, who simultaneously call the city home while feeling a sense of alienation.


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