OpenAI’s GPT-4o Can Sing and Solve Math Problems With Your Phone Camera

ChatGPT 4 may still be relatively new, but OpenAI is already iterating with an upgrade that can respond as quickly as humans do in normal conversation. The company showed off GPT-4o in a live demoshowing off its ability to use your phone’s camera to solve math equations and deliver a much more conversational voice assistant experience.

While we only have the event demo to go off of, GPT-4o looks impressive. It doesn’t even have to wait for you to finish your request and can roll with interruptions mid-prompt, bringing one step closer to living out Her in real life.

Even Faster Response Times

According to OpenAI, the GPT-4o model can respond as fast as 232 milliseconds to audio inputs. More realistically, it averages around 320 milliseconds to respond, which OpenAI said is similar to how fast humans respond in conversation.

On top of the speed, GPT-4o can handle interruptions and any adjustment requests. As seen in the bedtime story demo, GPT-4o immediately stopped talking when interrupted and quickly handled requests like adding more dramatic inflections, narrating in a robot voice, and even singing the entire prompt out loud. If that demo doesn’t convince you, two GPT-4o models improvising a song together should.

GPT-4o isn’t just more responsive to voice, it can also see better. The new vision features allow it to see through your device’s camera and understand things like handwritten math equations or messages. It’s eerie how genuinely touched GPT-4o sounds when it sees and understands a message that says “I Heart ChatGPT.” Even more impressive, GPT-4o can handle coding tasks and live translations between two people. This should feel way more natural than Google Translate when you’re trying to have a conversation in a foreign country.

Available for Free

OpenAI said the text and image capabilities for GPT-4o roll out today, but the voice feature will be coming to alpha within ChatGPT Plus in the coming weeks. Once it’s fully ready, the upgraded ChatGPT model will be available to all users, subscribers or otherwise. However, if you pay $20 per month for ChatGPT Plusyou’ll get five times the message limits of GPT-4o compared to the free version.

Anytime a large language model gets such an impressive update, we have to consider the potential for misuse. Considering how smoothly the live demo for solving the equation went, it looks like an even better way to help students get out of their math homework. However, OpenAI said that GPT-4o was built with new safety systems to offer guardrails on voice outputs. We’ll have to wait and see if these guardrails are enough.


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