Panicked PS5 owner begs for help after ‘green screen of death’ ruins console – but fans save day with easy cable fix

PLAYSTATION 5 owners came to the rescue when another gamer sought advice on how to fix an infamous broken screen issue.

The cry for help came in the form of a post in the popular PlayStation thread on Reddit.


A Playstation 5 player on Reddit asked for help solving this green screen issueCredit: Reddit r/playstation


Other PS5 gamers chimed in to offer a range of possible explanations and solutionsCredit: Getty


Several Reddit users suggested that the problem was most likely a connectivity issue caused by a faulty HDMI cord or portCredit: Amazon

“When I turn my PS5 on this happens?” user jedmond12 titled the post shared on Monday, including a photo of the problem.

Users could see a photo of the gamer’s TV screen, showing the PlayStation logo on a dark background behind repeated vertical green bars.

“I forgot to put: It only happens when I turn on the PS5nothing after that,” jedmond12 added in a comment.

The “green screen of death” is a common problem that affects devices transferring visual information.

Luckily, a few of the gamers on Reddit recognized the common problem and offered some quick advice.

Many people bet on it being an issue with the HDMI cord or plugin.

“Try softly jiggling the HDMI cable. If anything happens, then 100% broken HDMI,” one commenter wrote.

“Faulty HDMI at best and TV LED dying at worst. Take your pick what u wanna check first,” a second offered.

Others said they thought it could be a software bug.

“Have you tried changing your TV input to another source then switching back? Mine does something similar (green lines, no PS logo) and changing the input to something else for a moment fixes it,” one gamer posited.

“When my Xbox did this I had to factory reset the TV, nothing else fixed the problem,” another added.

Eventually, jedmond12 gave an update.

“It is most likely the HDMI because I turned my switch on and the green lines didn’t appear so I just think it’s a faulty HDMI cable. I’ve moved the cable a couple of times and the issue went,” he said in a reply.


The gaming experts at Partition Wizard advise PS5 players experiencing this problem to try disabling the HDR function on their TVs.

Some users have solved the green screen problem with this simple trick.

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  • When you add a PlayStation Store title to the wishlist, you’ll receive notifications when the price changes
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  • Change the timer for automatic power-down — just go to Settings > Power Saving > Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode
  • Use other lower-power options

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Struggling gamers can also try getting out of ‘Rest Mode.’

This function allows users to wake up a PS5 in just a few seconds, but can sometimes lead to glitches.

Customer support professionals from Playstation also recommend gamers with trouble try resetting the device firmware.

More specific how-to instructions for resets can be found online or in the console’s user guide.

If nothing else works, gamers can contact PlayStation Repairs for a professional fix.


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