PBR Links Up With Retrospekt for a Retro-Inspired Film Camera

Retro tech aficionados, rejoice! Retrospekt has joined forces with the legendary American beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) to drop an exclusive, nostalgia-packed gem. Introducing the Retrospekt x PBR Simple-use 35mm Film Camera and a retro-inspired T-shirt, designed to immerse you in a world where analog meets iconic Americana. Retrospekt’s Creative Director, Michael Kempen, encapsulates the magic of this collab, highlighting how both brands champion experiences that transcend mere nostalgia, delivering immersive, hands-on fun that’s as relevant today as it was back in the day.

The star of this retro revival is a point-and-shoot camera, preloaded with 27 exposures of 400 ISO 35mm film. Perfect for both newbies and seasoned shutterbugs, it boasts a fixed-focus lens and built-in flash for effortless, vibrant snaps. Its design screams vintage cool with classic PBR imagery, ensuring you capture moments in true analog style. Plus, unlike your typical disposable camera, this one’s reusable, extending its charm well beyond a single roll. Pair that with a limited-edition T-shirt featuring PBR’s “Cool Blue” enjoying a beer and a cassette player, and you’ve got a duo that celebrates Milwaukee roots and timeless style. Grab the camera for $29 at Urban Outfitters or Retrospekt’s online store. And snag the T-shirt exclusively on Retrospekt’s website.


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