People will get into ‘deep relationships’ with AI bots as the technology becomes more powerful, Google boss predicts

AI is becoming so convincing that it’s inevitable people will get into “deep relationships” with bots, according the boss of Google.

CEO Sundar Pichai, 51, says the world should prepare for all possibilities as AI technology rapidly develops.


Sundar Pichai said it is important to mitigate some of the downsides to AICredit: Jamie Harris / The Sun

Experts have already warned that the rise of “perfect” AI girlfriends is ruining an entire generation of men.

Google unleashed a raft of major AI changes at a big event in San Francisco this week, hot on the heels of eye-popping announcements from OpenAIthe creators of ChatGPT.

The latest version of ChatGPT was given a flirty upgrade on Mondayprogrammed to cheekily respond to compliments with a giggle and say: “Oh stop, you’re making me blush.”

Meanwhile, Google’s own Gemini AI system is being infused into more of the company’s popular products such as search and deeper into Android, with faster, more natural results.

Bosses showed off how its AI-powered voice tool could be used to see around a room via a smartphone camera, instantly identifying objects and even remembering where you left your glasses.

Speaking to press on Wednesday, Pichai said there are positive aspects to come from AI such as using it to help people with speech impairments.

“There are people who will use it to preserve memories of loved ones,” he explained.

“So I think, you’re going to have technology that powerful, and yes, over time, you will have people get into deep relationships with these AI assistants or agents etc.

“We should prepare ourselves for all those possibilities.”

He said it’s key that AI is approached in a “bold and responsible way,” ensuring protections to “mitigate some of the downsides” are properly thought through.

Google shows how new AI tool can see everything and remember where you left objects


Pichai was also pressed on new rival OpenAI, after the Microsoft-backed firm revealed an updated Chat-GPT4o capable of things like solving homework from a piece of paper and telling a person’s mood just by looking at their face.

“I think it’s good to see other companies innovate,” Pichai responded.

“I think it pushes all of us to do better.”

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