Planning a Wedding Guest Look? Don’t Forget About Accessories

When there’s a Save the Date on your fridge, it’s natural to put all of your attention into the dress you’re going to wear to the nuptials you have on your calendar—it’s the main moment, after all. There are a million wedding guest dresses out there to choose from, and going through option after option can get exhausting—so exhausting, we usually forget about the rest of our look. In our rush to get out the door and to the ceremony, we typically reach for our favorite purse and our everyday jewelry and call it a day, neglecting to give our accessories the same attention to detail we gave our dress. But having a couple of special occasion-worthy accessories in your closet is the gift that keeps on giving; you can wear them to every wedding you have on your calendar in the forseeable future, and you’ll give yourself a pat on the back every time you reach for them.

Accessories are the unsung heroes of wedding guest attire; often overlooked, but able to completely transform your look. We scoured the internet for fun and affordable accessories that will take your ensemble up a notch (or several). From the perfect occasion bags to statement-making shoes, every detail can make a difference.


In my opinion, there’s nothing that takes away from my wedding guest outfit like reaching for the wrong bag. Everyday bags always makes my look seem too casual, especially when I’m headed to a formal or black tie wedding. Ditching your everyday purse for an occasion bag easily adds sophistication and will make your wedding guest outfit feel like a look—not just a dress.


So much can go wrong with your wedding guest shoe decision: uncomfortable footwear can rub and cause blisters, too high of heels can make dancing an impossibility, and “bleh” shoes can take away from your look. Reaching for a pair of fun and eye-catching heels can elevate (pun intended) your wedding guest attire in a snap.


Statement earrings and bold necklaces can transform a dress into an outfit that feels like styling and forethought went into it. These versatile jewelry choices are perfect to have stored in your vanity for future special occasions.

Hair Accessories

If jewelry isn’t your thing or doesn’t look right with your dress, hair accessories are the next best option. If a DIY updo is totally out of reach for you (no judgment), adding in colorful hair clips, a bow, or a headband can give your ‘do a little more oomph.


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