Pregnant stingray updates — Charlotte’s behavior leaves fans demanding answers and say pregnancy a ‘publicity stunt’

Fans are obsessed with Charlotte

People are anxiously awaiting the birth of Charlotte’s pups and are saying so on social media.

When is Charlotte the stingray’s due date?

Charlotte’s due date is expected to be any day now, although there is no specific time stamp as things stand.

Charlotte’s pregnancy was confirmed in November but wasn’t publicly announced until Tuesday, February 6.

Taking to Facebook, the aquarium wrote: “Our stingray, Charlotte, is expecting!

“We have held this close to our hearts for over 3 months. We have ultrasound images confirmed by two supporters: Dr. Robert Jones, the Aquarium Vet out of Australia, and Becka Campbell, PhD candidate at Arizona State Univ.

“The really amazing thing is we have no male ray!” the announcement continued, adding that there are a “couple of possible reasons for this event.”

“We hope you join us It is a once in a life time science mystery to take part in,” the post concluded.

Where is Charlotte the stingray?

Charlotte the stingray, who is believed to be around 12 to 14 years old, is currently living in a tank at a North Carolina aquarium.

She can be found at the Aquarium & Shark Lab by Team ECCO in downtown Hendersonville.

Brenda Ramer, founder and executive director of Team ECCO, said the aquarium averages around 70-75 visitors a day when they are open.

But since news broke of Charlotte’s mysterious pregnancy in early February, interest and curiosity has spiked across the world.

The aquarium has since been flooded with curious onlookers hoping to witness the birth of the newborns.

Fans can’t get enough of Charlotte

Since news of Charlotte’s pregnancy was announced, the stingray has gained millions of fans who are desperate for the mystery to be solved.

The social media channels for Team Ecco, the nonprofit that owns the aquarium in North Carolina where Charlotte lives, have since gone viral.

The TikTok account that shares updates on Charlotte’s pregnancy has almost 30 million views, with millions more keeping tabs on Instagram and Facebook.

“I think I’m more invested in this stingray than I am with my own family at this point,” said one fan in the latest Charlotte update.

What type of stingray is Charlotte?

Charlotte is a California round stingray.

The round stingray, also known as Haller’s round ray, is a species of round ray with nearly round pectoral fins often found on the beaches of southern California.

The species name, halleri, is after the young son of Major Granville O. Haller of the United States Army was stung in the foot in the San Diego Bay.

Round stingrays have a venomous spine, but it is non-fatal to humans.

Credit: Instagram/@teamecco

Two-year Gibbon mystery

In February 2023, another mystery solo-pregnancy shocked a Japanese zoo, sparking a two-year investigation.

Momo the gibbon – who lives in a tank alone – gave birth in 2021, which sent her zookeepers on a wild goose chase to find out who the father was.

The white-handed gibbon was living in a cage with big bars cladded in chicken wire, separating it from the males next door.

It was eventually discovered through DNA testing that the father was a gibbon from the neighboring cage, with the point of contact thought to be hole in the wall with a nine millimetre diameter.


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