PrettyLittleThing’s chaotic open casting call event is the fast fashion brand’s latest exploitative venture

Pretty Little Thing’s latest marketing strategy exploited unpaid models, with thousands waiting outside for over five hours.

In the bustling streets of Soho, London, a recent model casting event drew massive crowds, organised by fast fashion brand PrettyLittleThing (PLT), with over 5,000 women lining up in hopes of catching their big break. The scene was one of anticipation, with eager participants enduring over five hours of waiting time. Yet, behind the glamour and allure lies a darker reality orchestrated to fuel hype and foster a sense of community around the brand.

This event serves as a mechanism for PLT to acquire models at minimal cost, significantly undercutting industry standards for compensation. By bypassing agencies, the company avoids paying commission fees and can negotiate lower rates directly with aspiring models. Unfortunately, this approach leaves these industry newbies without the legal protection and support agencies typically provide.


WHAT A TURN OUT!! Over 3000 of you are here for our Open Casting Day Due to the overwhelming response, we are now at full capacity, we’re sad to say THE LINE IS NOW CLOSED. We still want to see you so keep hash-tagging #PLTSCOUTME for a chance to still be the next face of PLT Thank you to everyone who brought the vibe and waited so patiently for us to get round to seeing you

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