Revolutionizing Home Growing With Hey Abby, One Box at a Time

In Partnership With Hey abby

In 2021, a bright idea took root in Orange County, California. Inspired by a growers’ focus group, a talented team of engineers, designers, and developers set out on a mission to create the ultimate grower’s dream: a fully automated grow box. Thus, the Hey abby team was born, and they were determined to bring a 40-year-old dream to life.

Automated grow boxes have been around in concept since the 1980s, but no one had succeeded in creating a truly effective, mass-produced version. After navigating through design challenges, development hurdles, and supply chain restructures, Hey abby finally made it happen. The result? A sleek, smart, and time-saving grow box that enables first-time growers to yield an impressive 4-6 oz of premium dry flowers.

Since its launch, Hey abby has become synonymous with smart home growing. By working closely with the growing community and aims to help 50 million growers worldwide cultivate their own buds.


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