Samuel Almansa lends his airbrush style to ceramic-like portraits of animals

The work of Samuel Almansa has always had a quieting and surreal effect. Using airbrush as the tool to manifest his deeply observational oeuvre, the artist’s work stands as both an imaginative exploration and reflection on his surroundings. In the three years and a half since becoming a professional artist, he’s twisted and experimented with painting to translate a myriad of themes, from the culture of sport, to nature, religion, and pop culture.

Currently living in Palma de Mallorca, and working from his studio in S’Arenal, Samuel’s work has recently given way to dream-like animal portraits. The viewer can get lost in the flat and blended airbrush style but pulled back in by his thick application of white paint that acts as highlights on top. The artist explains these details as trying to “make this ceramic and blurry style”, stemming from a plethora of influences; all the things that are close to him, that he doesn’t have to go too far to reach. “My mother, and the figurines she has in her house; my father, a truck driver; and my brothers,” he shares. “My friends and all my relationships are my pictorial references right now, and I can’t stop painting them.”


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