Shan Hua

Exploring Humanity: A Symbiotic Dialogue

Delving into the symbiotic relationships between natural forms and human emotions, Shan spotlighted the intricacies of existential roles. “Observing the natural world and human society,” Shan reflects, *”I explore the shared dilemmas and reflections mirrored in both realms, fostering a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness. Perhaps I have always been an observer in life, observing the people who pass me by, observing the evidence of wind, light, water everything passing by, all the natural creatures, and by understanding them we understand ourselves, in a symbiotic relationship.”

Fashioning an innovative direction to design: Digital Expression in Fashion

For Shan, digital fashion transcends mere aesthetics; it represents a realm of boundless creative freedom. Unlike traditional fashion design, which confines creators to tangible materials, digital fashion empowers Shan to sculpt entire worlds with unparalleled autonomy. “In the digital realm,” Shan enthuses, “I craft characters, costumes, narratives, and environments, weaving a rich tapestry of expression that defies conventional boundaries. I have to make all the decisions and designs in my digital creations, from the characters, make-up, and hair, to the costumes, to the storyline, to the camera, to the lighting, to the environments, I have to create a system and a world and not only the costumes, which puts all the things that I have learned before into a thread, and this is in a low-cost way, to meet the idealized way of creation that satisfies the idealized way of creating.” She adds “The acceptance of digital media by the public and the fashion industry has gone through three explosion points Metaverse, NFT, and AI. What started as a new way of creating media for a selected few has become a product driven by history. It may not be the future direction of the fashion industry, but it will certainly be part of the future of fashion.”

Journey into the Absurd: Embracing Reality

Shan’s artworks exist at the intersection of the surreal and the mundane, beckoning viewers into a dreamlike landscape punctuated by moments of absurdity. “Navigating the cacophony of modern existence,” Shan shares, “my creations serve as mirrors reflecting the fragmented realities of contemporary life, inviting viewers to confront and contemplate the intricacies of their own lived experiences. When I was growing up, what I saw and felt was the absurd sequence. The human eye is like a long lens, and I grew up in an era of computer technology, of information explosion, of switching from one screen to another, of going from one piece of content to another, maybe one second watching a cartoon, and the next I’m reading about a murder in the newspaper, and then the next is the reality of the view from the window. Each of my works is the reality that I feel. If there is one thing I want to achieve, it’s that someone will stay in front of this work and feel the reality that I’ve expressed in a small way! “


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