Sky makes Apple’s iPhone way more affordable thanks to new half-price deal

Splashing out on a new iPhone is never cheap but Sky Mobile has a deal that certainly helps to make things feel a little less strenuous on your wallet. The UK network has just released an offer on the older iPhone 13 which means you can own this device plus get a generous amount of data for just £22 per month. That low cost is all thanks to a half-price promotion on Sky’s calls, data and texts which cuts things from £10 per month down to just £5.

Add that price to the monthly cost of the iPhone (now just £17) and your total bill for the month will be £22.

Here’s how it works


PHONE COST: £17 per month (based on 36-month contract)
TOTAL: £22 per month
INCLUDES: 5GB of data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts.

It’s a decent deal and beats both Vodafone and EE with those networks charging around £35 per month for a similar contract.

Of course, the iPhone 13 isn’t the latest and greatest device from Apple but it still packs a decent punch. For your money, you get a call maker that features a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR screen, fast A15 Bionic processor and a dual-lens rear camera which can record Hollywood-style home movies thanks to its clever Cinematic mode.

There’s also wireless charging plus MagSafe compatibility, long battery life and you get bonus extras such as a tough Ceramic Shield design and access to 5G data speeds.

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If you buy the iPhone 13 directly from Apple you can expect to pay £599 (stores such as Argos are selling it for £499) but that price doesn’t include any data, calls or texts.

You can pick up 5GB SIM for around £7 per month so the total price for going SIM-free and then adding a plan can cost more than £800 over three years.

That’s around the same price as buying from Sky and you don’t have to pay anything upfront. As a quick reminder, Sky Mobile uses the O2 network to connect you to a signal so make sure this is a good provider in your area before signing up.

It’s also worth noting that we’re now just a few months away from Apple unveiling its iPhone 16 which means the iPhone 13 will look pretty outdated later this year.


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