Sky users rush to get Galaxy S24 Ultra at ‘lowest ever’ price – deals not to be missed

The ultimate Galaxy S24 Ultra was only unveiled back in January but it’s already getting some decent price cuts. One deal that’s definitely catching the eyes of Samsung fans come via Sky Mobile with the network currently promising that its latest S24 Ultra price is its ‘lowest ever’. According to Sky’s website the deal is proving popular with it “in demand” and currently trending.

So how how much is Sky charging for this device and is it really a good deal? The new Sky deal dops the S24 Ultra down from £45 per month to £41 per month which saves £144 over the term of the contract. That price doesn’t include calls, data or texts but Sky has also reduced prices across its SIM plans as well. Right now, you can get 5GB of data for £8 (was £10), 50GB of data for £15 (was £20) or 150GB for £15 for the first six month (price then rises to £30).

There’s no upfront fee to pay and you can roll your unused data over via Sky’s Piggybank service. The only thing worth noting is that these offers are based on a 36 month contract although you can change the device after just 24 months if you are bored with it.

If we take the 50GB of data plan – here’s what it will cost you over the contract

Phone with 50GB of data – £56 per month
TOTAL PRICE: £2,016 over three years

If you compare Sky’s contract price with rivals such as EE and O2 it’s definitely cheaper. Similar deals with both of these networks start from over £65 per month – that’s also £10 more than buying via Sky.

For those wanting to spread the cost of the phone, a contract from a network takes the pain out paying for the phone in full upfront. However, buying directly from Samsung and choosing your own SIM will save serious money.

Right now, Samsung has £150 off its Galaxy S24 Ultra which drops the price down to £1,099. Networks such as SMARTY are currently offering SIM deals with one plan including totally unlimited data for £18 per month. Choose this way of purchasing the S24 Ultra and you’ll pay a total of £1,747 over three years – that’s over £260 less than Sky’s contract deal.

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As a quick reminder, the S24 Ultra gets a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, huge 6.8-inch screen and fast charging. The Ultra is also now made from tough Titanium and gets a boost to its quad-rear camera which now takes better photos at night.

Galaxy AI is also included which offers smart features such as instant call translation and automatic photo editing.


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