Smell Like Nashville Nights With Ranger Station’s Latest Fragrance

Ranger Station, the Nashville-based fragrance house renowned for its bespoke scents, has just dropped a hot new collaboration that’s as smooth as a summer night in Music City. Teaming up with award-winning singer/songwriter ERNEST, they’ve crafted ‘1992 (feat. ERNEST)’—a fragrance duo inspired by his latest album, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, and the vibes of his birth year. This limited-edition collection, available exclusively at Ranger Station’s website and flagship store starting May 15th, packs a nostalgic punch with every spritz and flicker.

The ‘1992 (feat. ERNEST)’ lineup features a unisex perfume and candle, both meticulously formulated to evoke the essence of Nashville in the early ’90s. Picture sultry summer evenings on a porch with old-school country tunes in the air. The fragrance, a fougere blend, exudes timeless masculinity and freshness—much like ERNEST’s music. Plus, with 10% of perfume sales going to Porter’s Call, a nonprofit supporting mental health resources for musicians, every purchase gives back to the community that inspired it.

This isn’t Ranger Station’s first rodeo in the collaboration arena; their previous hit with folk artist Noah Kahan flew off shelves, and they’ve got more partnerships in the works. It’s all part of their mission to make luxury fragrances accessible while celebrating the spirit of American craftsmanship. If you’re ready to infuse your space with a bit of ERNEST’s Nashville magic, mark your calendars for May 15th and get ready to discover a scent that’s as legendary as the city that inspired it.


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