Still Obsessed with the Beach House From ‘Something’s Gotta Give’? 10 Easy Ways to Get the Look

The first time I watched Something’s Gotta GiveI was snuggled up in crisp white bedding inside the coziest Nantucket cottage. It was the beginning of summer, I was reeling from a breakup, and I somehow ended up solo in a house off the coast of Massachusetts. Seems fitting, right? The movie was just what I needed at the time, and to this day, it’s my ultimate comfort watch. I mean, Diane Keaton and Hamptons-style interiors? Say no more.

In true Nancy Meyers fashionthis classic rom-com results in major decor envy. The hydrangea-lined driveway, shingled exterior, lofty verandas… I want it all. If this movie leaves you with one lesson (other than that soulmates do exist), it’s that writing isn’t the only talent main character Erica has—curating a beautiful yet warm home is another one of her strong suits. If you want to channel her timeless, coastal grandmother-esque stylehere’s how to get the look, no beach house needed.

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1. Invest in an ottoman

The living room is perhaps the most notable space in the movie, and one major piece that always draws my eye is the generously sized ottoman. It serves as a landing spot for trays, books, and, of course, the takeout container Harry finds himself alone with. The way this piece pulls your focus proves that investing in quality furniture can completely transform a room. If you love the look of the iconic blue and white striped rug in Erica’s living room but feel like that might be too much for your own home, opt for an ottoman with a subtle striped pattern instead.

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2. Accessorize with coffee table trays

As with nearly every other Nancy Meyers film setErica’s home isn’t just one note. The fabrics and finishes used throughout the space don’t necessarily stick to the typical beach house stereotypes (AKA you won’t find many rope or rattan accents). Instead, there’s a healthy mix of glass, linen, and wood, but one specific detail I always find swoon-worthy is the use of antique metal trays on her ottoman. They add dimension to the living room and offer a touch of shine in the process. Steal the look by adding your own metal tray to your coffee table, perfect for housing magazines, a stack of books, or a candle.

Source: Warner Bros. and Columbia Pictures

3. Go all out with table and floor lamps

Lamps (lots and lots of lamps) are a Nancy Meyers trademark. They undoubtedly bring a cozy factor to her movie sets and offer a practical way to spruce up your interiors on a budget. Most of the lighting in Erica’s home is on the more minimalist side, flaunting simple bases and clean white shades. However, if you’re striving for more of an “out East” look, something made with rattan or wood can bring that vision to life.

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Threshold with Studio McGee

4. Embrace a somewhat unruly desk

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the over-the-top desk in Erica’s bedroom. Her writing space always appears just this side of messy, but you get the sense that she knows exactly where everything is amid the unruly stacks of books and papers. If you want a similar look with a bit more polish, keep the charming accessories—like her traditional desk clock and potted white flowers—but add some organization with items like bookends or letter trays.

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Source: Warner Bros. and Columbia Pictures

5. Keep things classic with your dishware

Thanks to the built-in cabinetry in Erica’s dining room, every dinner scene feels extra cozy. The open shelves lined with all-neutral plates give off an extravagant yet homey feel—very at the It’s Complicated. While carving out your own built-ins might not be doable, replicating her classic dishware collection is certainly within reach. Start by investing in a quality set of neutral dinnerware, then grow your collection with entertaining-ready platters and servers. For glassware, go with stemmed goblets for a more luxe feel that perfectly suits the early-2000s vibe. All of these pieces can double as decor, so store them on open shelves when not in use.

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6. Keep plenty of candles on hand

Who could forget the scene where the power goes out and Erica lights candles all around the house as it pours down rain outside? Even when the electricity is fully functioning, Erica often uses candles to add a cozy ambience to her dinner setups or late-night writing sessions. Whether you prefer sleek tapers or classic pillars, add a set of candles to your mantle, nightstand, or kitchen table for a simple touch that will age well.

7. Mix blue, white, and cream throw pillows

I know that the concept of switching out your throw pillows isn’t necessarily life-changing, but this OG decor trick can yield a big impact. Blue, white, and cream hues are obvious go-tos for a beach-inspired look and can help you create a fresh and well-balanced feel in a living room, guest suite, or master bedroom. The color combo is about as classic as you can get, and luckily, this concept can be easily replicated on a budget.

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Source: Warner Bros. and Columbia Pictures

8. Furnish your space with wicker chairs

Great design is often achieved through the unexpected, and in this case, the wicker-style chairs in Erica’s living room prove just that. These accent chairs seem as if they’re really meant to be outside, but instead, they bring a dose of beachy vibes indoors. Test the concept out yourself by opting for wicker chairs in your breakfast nook, at your desk, or in a corner of your bedroom. Oh, and don’t be hesitant to browse patio furniture options—they’re often more affordable and can really bring the coastal feel to your space.

9. Hang sconces by your bedside

In addition to plenty of lamps, Erica has wall sconces spaced all throughout her home to provide a subtle glow in the evenings. If you’re tight on space, these fixtures can be a great alternative to lamps in areas like your bedside, hallways, or a reading nook. Plus, they’ll provide a more elegant touch without requiring hefty installation or a lot of money. These plug-in varieties make things especially easy.

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10. Make things inviting with hotel-style bedding

One surefire sign of a well-curated home is quality bedding. The linens in Erica’s house are all neutral and very much on the simple side of things, but that’s what makes them so enticing. Create your own vacation home feel by upgrading your bedding to something ultra-luxurious and classic. Linen duvets, scalloped-edge designs, and subtly stitched quilts would all fit the bill.


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