Stop Worrying About Bike Theft or Night Rides With These Two Discrete Pieces of Gear

For added peace of mind, Knog includes two covert tactics to further fool enterprising thieves. The first is a thin neon yellow silicone cover. Strap this bad boy over the Scout before installing it and it looks like nothing more than a screw base added onto the frame. The second is truly genius – you can install the scout onto the bottle cage area and then install the bottle cage on top of the scout, making it nearly unnoticeable unless you know it’s there. This of course also means you can still carry your water bottle. On my Lectric XP3, the Scout screws in facing rearward on the frame underneath the seat, a very tough place for anyone to notice it.

The Scout charges via mini-USB and features an LED that shows battery status and notes whether or not the device is hooked to the app. I’ve yet to run the charge down after a few weeks of use, and the company notes it can last up to six months on a single charge. You will have to unscrew it to charge unless you have a portable charger that can connect a USB-C cable. As noted above, it’s designed to fit the bottle cage and measures 4.2 x 1.0 x 0.3 inches. My favorite thing about setting up the Scout is that it’s possible to arm it via the app or the device, so if I forget to connect it when locking up the bike I can do so remotely via the app.

Handily, it also connects to Apple’s “Find My” app, which is how to track the exact location of the device. I connected my Scout to “Find My” in about 30 seconds, and screwed it onto my bike in less than two minutes. All in all, setting this tool up took about five minutes after I’d let it charge for four hours out of the box.

The alarm sounds if the bike moves while armed – so if you fail to disarm it before riding home you will become aware immediately of this transgression. I’ve never felt safer locking my bike outside the gym, coworking space, or restaurants, particularly when I know I’ll be away from it for multiple hours.


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