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Max Blagg’s collaborative new tome

A collection of 21 poems and 21 artworks by 21 artists, British-born poet, writer, and performer Max Blagg is preparing unleash a meticulously curated project to the world with his new tome, Late Start for Mardi Grasout May 29. Arriving as seven volumes, each featuring three of the participating artists and a series of hand assembled, red thread stitch bound and boxed sets of booklets which were completed in 2024 in NYC, a limited-edition offering of just 50 booklets is up for grabs, while 250 copies compiling the entire 192-page project are available.

The book began with a 200-page printout of one of Blagg’s 2011 manuscripts, randomly stitched onto raw canvas by J. Huminska, and tacked to his studio walls for further editing. Calling these ‘text-canvases’, Blagg began to invite a cohort of artists to interpret them in their own way, with the project taking its name from the first piece that was completed by Walter Robinson, which was entitled, like the book, Late Start for Mardi Gras.

Published by Shallow Books (Blagg’s own publishing company), it’s the culmination of Blagg’s five-year-long journey collaborating with the likes of Golnar Adili, Ellen Berkenblit, Ernesto Caivano, Michael Combs, Peter Dayton, Sally Egbert, Eric Fischl, James Gilroy, Nan Goldin, Michael Halsband, Curtis Kulig, Justen Ladda, Ruth Marten, Jamie Nares, Walter Robinson, Nick Rule, Will Ryman, Ken Tisa, Walter Schrank, Ryan Wallace and Lucy Winton.

To get in on the action, visit 48 Walker Street in New York this Saturday May 29 from 6-8pm where Blagg will be reading a selection of inserts from the series and presenting a number of the collaborative artworks to the public. Purchase your copy of Late Start for Mardi Gras here. HK


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