The 12 Best Rom Coms On Max Right Now (May, 2024)

Got a Max subscription and want a rom com to watch tonight? Here are the best of the best.

Need a romance fix? Maybe you’re single and want to believe in love again. Or perhaps you’re looking for just the right mix of ooey-gooey love with a healthy dose of humor to please everyone in the household. Put your Max subscription to work with the best rom coms on Max this May, 2024. Which ones are your faves?

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The classic movie musical that’s found an audience in every generation, follow good girl Sandy reconcile that the summer fling she had with bad boy Danny Zuco has resulted in teen heartbreak. And shucks, now they’re going to the same school. The songs are bops and the whole film is a magical ride you’ll want to watch annually.

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Considered a beloved rom com classic, watch the humble origins of everyone’s favorite film duo, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, as they fall in love across the country having never even met or spoken to one another. It’s like online long term relationships before they were a thing. (And if you like this, check out some of Nora Ephron’s other gems.)

20th Century Fox

Although you might watch this must-see rom com for the love story between Reese Witherspoon and Luke Wilson, that’s a small footnote compared to the hilarious court scenes, cute female friendships, and the invention of the “bend-and-snap.” This is perfect for those who want a romantic comedy that’s light on the romance and heavy on the girl power.

Universal Pictures

What’s it like to have two hot British men literally fight for you in the street? Just ask perpetually messy Bridget Jones, who managed to catch the eye of two of the UK’s hottest bachelors, all while being “fat.” (Which, in 2024’s standards, is a completely normal, healthy weight. Can you imagine seeing trailers for this movie in 2001 and thinking, “Wait, she’s supposed to be fat?” Welcome to my life.)

Miramax Films

It’s Christmas and all these two strangers want is a pair of gloves for their significant others. Although, when they lock eyes, it’s easy to forget that they’re both already coupled-up with someone else. Years later, they’ve forgotten all about that night of chaste NYC fun. Oh wait, no they haven’t, and now they’re set on finally finding each other again.

IFC Films

While there have been plenty of Ugly Duckling-style movie montage transformations in rom coms, Toula’s is by far the best. Not only does she learn how to do her hair and makeup, but she gives her work and family life a glow-up, too–not for a man, but for her. So when Ian falls for her, we’re right along with him.

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Paige thinks this annoying guy at the bar is just like all the other men she’s met at her university in Wisconsin, but there’s something she doesn’t know: Eddie is an undercover prince. In true enemies-to-lovers fashion, their hatred quickly turns to love, but what will happen when she finds out his royal lineage? (Be honest; you always wished this kind of thing happened to you.)

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Will’s adorable daughter wants to know how her mom and dad met, but instead of telling one story, he tells three–and she won’t know which one is her mom until the end of the stories. It’s a good lesson to learn: We can have many loves in our lives, and all of them are perfect in the moment.

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Written by Jason Segal after his own breakup experience, Peter decides to get over his ex in beautiful Hawaii, but, oops, his ex is there, too. And she’s with her new rockstar boyfriend. Peter has a choice: Get over it and fall for Mila Kunis or cry in his hotel room. Why not both?

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When Kirk meets Alice, he expects her to forget all about him. After all, he’s a textbook nerd and she’s absolutely gorgeous. But when she pursues him anyway and makes it clear she likes him, so starts a spiral where he just can’t believe his luck. Clearly something must be up, right? This movie is perfect for those who wrongly believe that “leagues” actually exist.

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Amy is an absolute trainwreck. Nothing is going right in her life, and it’s mostly thanks to her bad choices. But when she’s tasked with writing about sports doctor Aaron, she tries hard not to mess up their obvious chemistry. This is for those of us who haven’t yet gotten their life figured out–aka, all of us.

Warner Bros.

Rachel and Nick’s relationship is going swimmingly, but this perfect fairytale gets a little derailed when Rachel learns that not only is Nick actually incredibly wealthy, but he’s also practically a hot guy celebrity in his home country of Singapore. And considering meeting his family is one mine-field after another, this Singapore trip is going to be nothing but disaster after disaster. This movie is utterly perfect.


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