The Art of Manliness’ Ultimate Guide to Summer

The summer months are here, and with them, a change in mood, expectations, and itineraries. If you (and your family — you only get 18 summers with your kids, after all!) want to make the most of the season’s unique possibilities for fun and memory-making, below we offer a list of the many summer-related resources we’ve published over the years. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to throw a backyard party, swing in a hammock, take a hike, read a book on the beach, and generally enjoy the heck out of the sun-filled, laid-back days ahead.

What to Wear

When the weather warms up, a new set of clothes in your wardrobe gets put into rotation. It’s harder to dress stylishly in the summer than it is in the colder, layer-friendly months, but you don’t have to (only) default to t-shirts and shorts. The articles below will acquaint you with alternatives that look sharper, yet still keep you cool, and even offer some tips on how wear that t-shirt better when you do opt for it.

Read these style guides to specific sartorial pieces:

And check out these overview articles as well:

What to Do

Warm weather, school vacation, and holidays like the Fourth open up new possibilities for recreation, relaxation, travel, and general mischief. If you’re looking for ideas on how to while away your summer days, or just want to better execute your excursions and adventures, consult the list below:

What to Cook

In the summertime, you’re less inclined to heat up the house by turning on the oven, and more inclined to take your cooking outdoors. When you’re firing up the grill, you’ll want to consult these articles, podcasts, and videos to become a master backyard chef:

Also be sure to check out these fun tips for leveling up your next backyard BBQ:

What to Read

You often have more time to read during the summer, and you may be wondering what book to pack for your upcoming trip. Any of the recommendations on our many book lists could fit the bill, but as people are often looking for something lighter (with action, excitement, and a compelling-but-not-too-complicated plot) or travel/adventure-related for their vacation reads, the lists below may be particularly apropos:

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