The Best PC Controllers for Gaming in 2024

Many gamers argue that PC gaming is the way to go, but some games just feel better with a controller. This is where the best PC controllers for gaming come into play, pairing the raw power of a gaming PC with a controller that can often offer a more immersive gaming experience.

TL;DR – These are the Best PC Controllers:

Using a controller with your PC can also be a great way to make the transition from console to PC gaming If you’ve just made the switch, choosing one of the best PC controllers can help ease that transition, so you don’t immediately have to master the best gaming keyboards and mice.

If you’re still not quite convinced about making the switch from keyboard and mouse to a gamepad, you can check out the range of options available to you. You never know, you might be surprised how well these PC controller scan complement your existing gaming PC setup – and find them here in the UK.

Best PC Controllers

1. Xbox Core Controller

Best PC Controller

Xbox Core Controller

Enjoy the familiar Xbox layout on an ergonomic controller with remappable buttons, a tactile D-pad, and ample connectivity options.


  • Feels good in your hands
  • Impulse trigger


  • Requires add-on for rechargeable batteries

If you’re searching for a controller with a quality design and ample flexibility in how you use it to game on your PC, the Xbox Core Controller is a solid place to start. Microsoft has created an ergonomic controller that’s easy to hold onto thanks to added grip on the side, rear, and triggers. Of course, it has a familiar Xbox layout, while the majority of its buttons are remappable, and the D-Pad is even more tactile than the Xbox One iteration.

The best PC controller, the Xbox Core Controller

There’s plenty of versatility in connecting the Xbox Core Controller to your PC with a wired USB-C to eliminate input lag and Bluetooth as a wireless alternative. There’s also a low-latency wireless option available if you have an Xbox Wireless adapter for PC. It even includes a 3.5mm jack for your headset, limiting the number of wires running between you and your PC. However, it’s powered by AA batteries, which seems a bit archaic for 2024; but nonetheless it gives you gameplay usage of up to 40 hours. At the end of the day, it’s worth it.

2. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

Best Budget PC Controller

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

Grab this wired gamepad to save money while still getting all the inputs you need, plus vibration motors and two small buttons on its underside for shortcuts.


  • Affordable
  • Wide choice of colors


The PowerA Enhanced wired controller is a strong option, ditching wireless connectivity in order to hit a low price point under $40—and it’s often on sale for much less. Sure, you won’t get Bluetooth to get in some action on your gaming phone, but the removable Micro USB works great with your PC right out of the box. And since you’re tethered to your computer, you’ll never need to worry about finding batteries in your junk drawer every few months.

The PowerA Enhanced offers a similar look and feel to the Xbox Core Controller

The controller itself doesn’t stray too far from the shape and feel of Microsoft’s own Xbox controller, though it’s slightly lighter, lacks those rubberized grips, and is a tad bit flimsier. However, you get two vibration motors to feel the action and all the buttons you need for your games. It even takes a page out of the Xbox Elite Controller’s book: on the underside of the PowerA Enhanced controller, you’ll find two small buttons that can serve as shortcuts to face buttons.

3. Logitech F310

Best Ultra Cheap PC Controller

Logitech F310

An ultra-cheap wired controller that delivers dual joysticks, a D-pad, bumpers, triggers, and buttons—some of which are programmable.



  • Software installation required for customization

Are you a devout keyboard and mouse gamer who imagines yourself rarely using a gamepad? The Logitech F310 is the perfect option for you, as it only costs around $20, but it includes everything you need for your occasional cravings to use a controller. This option delivers dual joysticks, bumpers and triggers, four standard face buttons, and an eight-directional D-Pad, while ten buttons are programmable to customize the gamepad to your needs.

Now, is the Logitech F310 something you’ll want to be using all the time? Probably not, as its short, nubby grips don’t make for excellent ergonomics, and the joysticks aren’t 100 percent accurate. But that shouldn’t matter for short bursts, and the controller will make your life significantly easier when driving vehicles in games like Grand Theft Auto V or Battlefield 2042. It’s also strictly wired, connecting via USB, though it’s plug-and-play and delivers low input lag for the fastest possible actions.

4. Turtle Beach Recon Controller

Best Wired PC Controller

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

Take on all the action in this feature-packed wired gamepad featuring audio customizability, on-the-fly button remapping, and texturized grips.


  • Solid build quality
  • Good value for money


  • Crowded audio buttons layout

The plug-and-play nature of the Turtle Beach Recon Controller is perfect for anyone looking to add a wired controller to their PC. It connects via a detachable USB-A cord, and there’s even a headset port on the controller, helping to limit the wires cluttering your PC setup. Turtle Beach takes it further by including their Super Human Hearing to enhance subtle audio cues and audio controls for volume, game and chat mix, and mic monitoring, all on the gamepad itself.

Detachable USB cord on the plug-and-play Turtle Beach Recon

You’ll get quickly up to speed in games with the familiar X-box style layout of the Turtle Beach Recon Controller, so you’re all set for Xbox Game Pass games and the wide assortment of titles available on Steam. Two back paddles are on the gamepad for quick actions, while on-the-fly button remapping is also available with four different profiles preloaded on the Recon, which you can reconfigure to your liking. Finally, the textured finishes on most controls and rubberized grips make for a secure handhold.

5. Sony DualSense Controller

Best Bluetooth PC Controller

Sony DualSense Controller

The DualSense is comfortable to grip and offers impressive haptics and adaptive triggers for more immersion in the action.


  • Haptic feedback is insanely good
  • Sturdy


  • Mic quality isn’t the best

The Sony DualSense Controller makes it simple to connect to your PC using Bluetooth, which means it’ll also be a solid option as a phone controller for mobile gaming. However, if you’re looking for a more stable connection with less latency, you can always plug it in via a USB-C for a wired option. And unlike the Xbox Core, when you use it wirelessly, you get a rechargeable battery, though the battery life leaves much to be desired.

Sleek, easy-to-grip design of the DualSense

The Sony DualSense changes the aesthetics of the DualShock, making for a sleeker, easier-to-grip gamepad that still offers a similar control scheme and symmetrical analog sticks. Steam support is on the controller, while advanced haptics and adaptive triggers work on PC using a wired connection. With more PlayStation-exclusive games ending up not so exclusive thanks to PC ports, full DualSense functionality on PC makes for the best way to play those games.

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6. Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Best High-End PC Controller

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Get ample customizability on this high-end controller with a swappable controls, tunable triggers, extra rear paddles, and fully remappable buttons.


  • Highly customizable
  • Wireless charging


  • Might be too heavy for some

If you’re after a controller that offers the familiar Xbox design but amps up its capability, you can’t go wrong with the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. This model features four rear paddles that can have their own actions or change the function of the face buttons, while all of the buttons on the gamepad are remappable. The D-pad, back paddles, and analog sticks are also all magnetically swappable, and you still get the tunable triggers we loved on the original Elite.

Back paddles on the Elite Series 2

The Elite Series 2 controller adds the rechargeable battery that the Xbox Core controller lacks and lasts an impressive 40 hours on each charge. In addition to Xbox Wireless, if you’ve got an adapter, there’s Bluetooth, making it easy to pair with your PC or smartphone. You’re good to go when you’d rather have a low-latency wired connection, too, with a USB-C available.

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7. 8Bitdo Pro 2

Best PC Controller for Retro Games

8Bitdo Pro 2

Get a retro aesthetic and modern sensibility on this controller that has customizable profiles that you can swap on the fly.


  • Multiple profiles
  • Works with lots of devices


  • Programmable macros are somewhat limited

With retro looks and modern functionality, the 8BitDo Pro 2 is an awesome option for playing classic games on PC — and new games, too. The face of this 8BitDo model gives you the sense of using a classic SNES controller, but the experience should be exponentially better thanks to a modern ergonomic design, quality buttons, and vibration. It also supports a range of platforms and can connect to your PC over a wired USB-C or Bluetooth for 20 hours.

The 8Bitdo Pro 2’s retro styling

On the 8BitDo Pro 2, you’ll find standard Nintendo-style controls, though you can remap the buttons to match in-game controls. Meanwhile, you get PlayStation-style symmetrical analog sticks and two back paddles that let you keep your thumbs on the sticks. Customization also allows you to do any necessary button remapping, swap sticks behavior and axes, or adjust the trigger actuation depth, and there are even motion controls.

8. Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra

Best Tunable PC Controller

Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra

A display for setting adjustments and notifications, alongside hall effect sticks, tactile switches, and extra mappable buttons, makes this controller a standout.


  • Excellent mechanical buttons
  • RGB lights


The Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra is a unique controller thanks to its “Connected Command Display.” It’s a compact, full-color screen directly on the controller that displays phone notifications and lets you make on-the-fly setting adjustments like swapping between ten different profiles, fine-tuning the vibration intensity, and modifying RGB lighting. You can even program the RGB lighting to change colors to indicate phone notification alerts or low battery.

Connected Command Display on the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra

Display and RGB lighting aside, the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra is one beast of a gamepad, featuring an Xbox layout with tactile micro switches and hall-effect, anti-drift thumbsticks–drifting has plagued some Turtle Beach controllers. You’ll also find trigger locks and four mappable buttons on the underside for flexibility in how you play. Turtle Beach’s offering is wireless, so there’s a 2.4GHz dongle for a lag-free connection to your PC or Xbox, and Bluetooth support is handy for your gaming phone.

9. Razer Kitsune

Best PC Fight Stick

Razer Kitsune

Go for a leverless design with this fight stick that has everything you need to KO opponents at tournaments.


  • Fast input speed
  • Highly accurate


  • Takes some getting used to

If you play a good deal of arcade or fighting games, do yourself a favor and pick up a fight stick, and for PC, the Razer Kitsune is a standout option. Rather than including a typical stick on the controller, it has a leverless design offering buttons that move in a full range of directions. Though that may take getting used to, there are advantages, including a quicker input speed–milliseconds matter in fighting games—along with better accuracy and easier execution of certain moves. Beyond the directional controls, you get all the other buttons you need to KO opponents on this PlayStation-licensed device.

Razer Kitsune resting on lap

The Razer Kitsune is an ideal size, letting both hands rest comfortably on it while being light and compact enough to carry around at tournaments. That said, the controller still feels sturdy and durable, and the buttons have responsive and surprisingly quiet optical switches. If you’d like a different feel, those buttons are hot-swappable. Razer also includes a flashy light strip around the edge of the controller and a tournament lock to prevent you from accidentally getting disqualified.

10. Gran Turismo DD Pro

Best PC Racing Wheel

Gran Turismo DD Pro

For insane control and powerful force feedback, grab this direct drive wheel featuring familiar controls, unique 5-way directional sticks, and a steel two-pedal set.


  • Highly customizable
  • Profile switching


  • Some games required compatibility mode

PCs are the place to experience simulation racing games, letting play some very serious—and sometimes seriously obscure—racing games, and you can also connect multiple displays and ultrawide screens. For an even more immersive experience, you need a solid racing wheel, and Fanatec’s Gran Turismo DD Pro is what professional racers and enthusiast sim racers use. As the name might suggest, the direct drive wheels connect a large motor directly to the steering wheel for much better control and force feedback.

If you’re looking for performance, the Gran Turismo DD Pro delivers, giving you a whopping 5Nm of torque, but it can go up to 8Nm with the separate 180 Boost Kit. You’re bound to feel the pull of every turn and the shock of every bump! The wheel features an easy-to-use interface with familiar controls, unique 5-way directional sticks, and RevLED, while a steel two-pedal set completes this epic PC racing wheel.

11. Thrustmaster eSwap XR Pro

Best Racing Controller

Thrustmaster eSwap XR Pro

For Forza Horizon 5 fans, or simply for gamers looking for a modular controller


  • Eye-catching design
  • Modular


  • Back buttons aren’t particularly great

If you’re big into driving games, then the Thrustmaster eSwap XR Pro is one of the best PC controllers you can get your hands on. That’s if you don’t plan to invest all of your hard-earned cash on a racing wheel. Fun, comfortable, and modular, this controller is far more portable than a racing wheel, and offers almost just as much satisfaction.

Heck, even if you don’t play driving games, the Thrustmaster eSwap XR Pro is still a versatile option. Compared to the Elite Series 2 controller, the back buttons aren’t much to shout about. However, the longer body compliments the bumpers and triggers to ensure accessing all the buttons you need is less effort, and you don’t have the strain of holding them down uncomfortably when playing for extended periods of time.

12. Scuf Instinct Pro

Best Customizable Controller

Scuf Instinct Pro

Scuf pushes the boundaries of its controller, offering an ergonomic design with four rear paddles, interchangeable thumbsticks, and instant triggers.


  • Lots of customization options
  • Feels solid to hold


  • Not quite as good as the Elite

Looking for a customizable controller for your PC but don’t want something from Microsoft or Sony? Enter the Scuf Instinct Pro. No, it’s not on-par with the Elite 2 controller, but it certainly gives it a run for its money. And, if you’re into customizing your controller, you can do this almost endlessly, with cosmetic and physical customizations galore!

But, aside from customization, the Scuf Instinct Pro offers a sturdy yet comfortable controller for you to enjoy. The buttons are responsively clicky, and can be used across various consoles, including Xbox Series X and PC.

Upcoming PC Controllers

The most notable PC controller due to release in 2024 is the Elite Series 3 controller. While no release date has been confirmed, it’s likely we’ll get more information towards the end of the year.

How to Pick the Best PC Controller

Choosing the best PC controller for gaming can seem like a daunting task given the options available on the market. However, it’s easier to nail down the right choice by assessing what kind of gamer you are, what types of games you play, and whether you want to use your controller across other devices.

One of the biggest factors to consider is the ergonomics and comfort of the controller. Since you’ll likely be using it for extended gaming sessions, it’s crucial to pick a controller that feels comfortable in your hands. Look for controllers with well-placed buttons, responsive triggers, and a shape that fits naturally in your hands.

Next, think about the types of games you’ll be playing. Different genres may benefit from specific controller designs. For instance, if you’re into racing or flying simulators, a controller with analog sticks and precise triggers might be ideal. On the other hand, if you’re primarily playing fighting or platformer games, a controller with a good D-pad and responsive face buttons could be more suitable.

Another important factor to consider is compatibility. While many PC controllers are designed to work seamlessly with Windows PCs, it’s always a good idea to double-check compatibility with your specific gaming setup.

Wireless vs. wired is another decision you’ll need to make. Wireless controllers offer the convenience of untethered gaming but may require batteries or frequent charging. Wired controllers, on the other hand, provide a reliable connection but can clutter your gaming space with cables.

While you’re thinking about the best PC controller, don’t forget to consider additional features and extras. Many controllers come with programmable buttons, vibration feedback, or even customizable lighting effects. While these features may not be essential, they can enhance your gaming experience and provide added value for your money.


Is PC Gaming Better With a Controller?
Compared to a keyboard and mouse, some gamers prefer using a controller and find it easier to play games with one. However, it’s really down to personal preference. A controller, however, is definitely more versatile and easier to transport should you wish to use it on other devices.

Do All Xbox Controllers Work on PC?
Using a USB cable, you can connect an Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S controller to your PC. However, an Xbox controller with Bluetooth, providing your PC has Bluetooth, will work just as well, too.

Can I Use a PS5 Controller on PC?
Yes! The PS5 DualSense controller works wirelessly and wired on your PC (if it supports Bluetooth).

Can you play any PC game with a controller?
Not all PC games are designed to work well with a controller. If you’re playing games on Steam, you can visit the store page to see if the game is compatible with a controller before buying the game. However, other platforms, such as Epic Games, do not list if the game is compatible with a controller, but you can often find out which games support a controller with a quick Google search.

Where to Get the Best PC Controller in the UK

It is unsurprising that the Xbox controller tops the list here, but you’ve actually got a couple of options depending on whether your laptop or PC is Bluetooth enabled. If you’ve got Bluetooth to use, you won’t need the PC adapter USB, and can simply pick up an Xbox One controller, or even a PlayStation DualShock 4 to avoid the extra cost. But, if you want to consider all your options, here are the best PC controllers available in the UK. Don’t see the controllers below? Click here.


Xbox Core Controller


Enhanced Wired Controller

Best Budget PC Controller


F310 Gamepad (Blue)

Best Budget PC Controller


PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller

Best Bluetooth PC Controller


Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

Best High-End PC Controller


Wolverine Ultimate

Best PC Controller for FPS Games


Stratus Duo

Ready to Go Out of the Box


Sn30 Pro

Best PC Controller for Retro Games


Switch Pro Controller

Let’s a Go with Nintendo’s Controller


Spectra Enhanced


Fighting Stick Alpha


TS-PC Racer

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