The Best Smoky Mezcals Under $100 That Belong in Your Home Bar

Mezcal can be made from countless agave varieties, including tobalá, tepeztate, tobaziche, arroqueño, and, the most common mezcal agave, espadín. Even mezcals made with the same type of agave can have drastically different flavor profiles, though. One of the most prominent taste differences comes from how the agave pineapples (the heart of the agave where most of the sugars are) are cooked. Traditionally, mezcal producers roast their piñas in conical pits in the ground, which adds a slightly smoky flavor on top of the usually agave vegetal sweetness, vanilla, spices, and other flavors.

If smoke is your thing, you’re in luck. While not all mezcals ramp up the smoke aroma and flavor, there are myriad options available. And the best part? You don’t have to pawn off any of your property to get your hands on a bottle. Whether you enjoy slow-sipping on cool evenings or mixing it into your favorite cocktails, there are many bottles available for less than $100. Keep scrolling to see which smoky mezcals you’ll want to add to your bar cart.


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