‘The Idea of You’ Offers Major Design Inspo—Here’s How to Channel Solène’s Style

Between the debate over age-gap relationships and the obsession with Anne Hathaway’s bangs, there’s no denying that the steamy Harry Styles fanfiction-turned-movie The Idea of You has taken over our social media feeds. The romance follows 40-year-old art gallery owner Solène and her whirlwind romance with the much younger boyband frontman Hayes Campbell. The internet has been buzzing about the film since paparazzi photos were published during filming, and the latest fuel to The Idea of You fire is the news that Solène’s home in the movie is available to rent on Airbnb.

While the actual home is located in Atlanta, it exudes Los Angeles cool-girl energy in every room. You can tell just by looking at the decor that an incredibly chic woman lives there—one who effortlessly rocks Parisian-girl street style and knows the ins and outs of the Silverlake art scene. Full of nostalgia and character, the house feels like Solène’s authentic home rather than a movie set. With lots of wood, pops of moody green, and vintage touches, it’s cozy and eclectic and perfectly encapsulates her laid-back, creative vibe.

Although the film itself has divided audiences, with some viewers raving about it while others argue it didn’t live up to the hype, we can all agree the interiors are spectacular. So while we can’t all snap our fingers and be dating a hot rockstar (though, trust me, we would if we could), we can channel Solène’s vibe through our home decor. If you aren’t looking to jet off to Atlanta to book the real thing, keep reading to find out how to get The Idea of You look in your home.

Living Room

Source: Amazon Prime Video

Who could forget the living room from Solène and Hayes’s sexy first kiss up against the piano? While a piano isn’t exactly a budget-friendly accessory, these picks may be just what you need to add a little flair. Who knows, your own sultry smooch may follow.


Source: Amazon Prime Video

Although there’s not much cooking in The Idea of Youthe kitchen does make the perfect setting for a surprisingly tension-filled fridge purge while Hayes and Solène throw out spoiled milk and make sandwiches.

Dining Room

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Solène is not one to sit down at the dinner table every night, but the dining room is perfect for entertaining guests at her 40th birthday party and for treating an international popstar to a homemade lunch after he pops by her work unannounced.


Source: Amazon Prime Video

While we may lounge in bed binge-watching TV and scrolling on our phones, Solène spends her downtime poring over paparazzi photos of her and her A-list boyfie and cyber-stalking him during their breaks. Actually, we probably all do that last one, too.


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