This 90s-Inspired Fashion Trend is Here—And It’s Perfect for Summer

Blame Zendaya. As a child of the 90s, I’m here for just about every trend resurgence (minus low-rise pants.) But as a person who has never picked up a racket, the tennis fashion trend—or, tenniscore—just wasn’t for me. Until Zendaya. The undeniable style icon recently epitomized the trend on the red carpet with stylist Law Roach to promote her movie Challengers, showcasing outfits that seamlessly blend athleticism with glamour. You could not look away.

How To Style the Tennis Fashion Trend

The tennis fashion trend has made a dramatic resurgence in recent years, largely fueled by the nostalgia for 90s trends and a few key celebrity endorsements that have thrust the sporty chic aesthetic back into the limelight. (Not to mention the pickleball craze.) But good news for us norms, this resurgence isn’t just about looking good on the tennis court—it’s about incorporating those clean lines, crisp whites, and functional beauty into everyday wear.

We can’t all be Zendya on the red carpet, but we can look real cute integrating the trend into a casual wardrobe that serves both style and comfort. Read on for eight easy-to-wear pieces that capture the tennis fashion trend perfectly—call ’em a grand slam.

The Pleated Tennis Skirt

A staple of the tennis world, pleated skirts have crossed over as a fashion favorite. Opt for a high-waisted, mini, or midi version in classic white—or go bold with fun colors.

How to Style: Pair it with a tucked-in graphic tee and sneakers for a casual, sporty look.

A Classic Polo Shirt

The classic polo shirt is an enduring symbol in both tennis fashion and casual wear. It was introduced by the French tennis icon René Lacoste in the late 1920s, but it’s made a lasting impression thanks to its cool blend of sporty vibes and laid-back chic. Wear it on the court—or out for coffee.

How to Style: Pair it with a tennis skirt for the obvious look. Or pull on slouchy jeans and a braided belt for a more relaxed vibe.

Caro Round

Sporty Sneakers

White sneakers are the cornerstone of tennis fashion. They’re easy to wear and truly never go out of style. The fun part is choosing a new pair. Chunky soles? Slim design? Color pop? It all works.

How to Style: Wear with anything from dresses to denim for a comfortable, all-day vibe. Pair with a slouchy, frilled, or colored sock for a more styled look.

Varsity Cardigan or Sweater

Varsity jackets, sweaters, and cardigans capture that cool, collegiate vibe that tennis fashion is known for, mixing a classic preppy look with sporty practicality.

How to Style: Layer over a crop top and high-waisted jeans for an effortless ensemble.

Sporty & Rich

Sun Visor

You know this one. It’s the accessory seen across many a theme park back in the day. The 90s-style accessory is perfect for sunny days—and cool looks.

How to Style: It’s all about the hair. Try it with a high pony or big, voluminous curls.

Track Pants

A big welcome back to the track pants that defined my junior high school years. They’re comfortable and trending—and that side stripe is a classic.

How to Style: Put a more modern spin on these babies with a cropped tee and white sneakers.

Athletic Dresses

The athletic dress has been making waves for a few years, but this one-piece look is one of the easiest ways to add tennis-inspired style to your wardrobe. They’re everything we love: both functional and fashionable.

How to Style: Accessorize with a denim jacket and statement sneakers for an easy day out.

Retro 90s-Inspired Sunglasses

No tennis-inspired look is compete without sunnies. Think bold, geometric shapes that are typical of the 90s era.

How to Style: Pop ’em on and go. Perfect for adding an air of mystery (and also, practicality) to any sporty look.


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