Vatican declares London teen Carlo Acutis a saint after historic approval by Pope Francis

Carlo Acutis, a London teenager who died in 2006, is set to earn the rare distinction of sainthood after the Vatican recognised his groundbreaking digital evangelism and deemed him “God’s influencer.”

Carlo Acutis, a London-born teenager whose extraordinary use of the internet to spread Catholic teachings earned him the nickname “God’s influencer,” is poised to make history as the first millennial saint. Acutis, who passed away in 2006 at just 15 years old, captivated the world with his digital evangelism.

On Thursday 23 May 2024, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis has attributed a second miracle to Acutis, an essential step in the canonisation process. This second miracle involved the alleged healing of a university student in Florence who had severe brain haemorrhaging following head trauma. The first miracle attributed to Acutis, which led to his beatification in 2020, involved the alleged healing of a Brazilian child suffering from a congenital pancreatic disease.

The process of canonisation involves the thorough investigation and verification of miracles attributed to a candidate. For a person to be eligible for sainthood, at least two miracles must be recognised. These miracles are typically extraordinary events, such as the sudden and unexplainable healing of individuals who are critically ill or near death. The second miracle attributed to Acutis was approved by Pope Francis after a detailed examination by the Vatican’s saint-making department. Yep, that’s a thing.

Acutis spent much of his life in Italy, having moved there during his childhood. Diagnosed with leukaemia, he passed away in Monza. A year after his death, his body was relocated to Assisi, where it is now displayed along with other relics associated with him.

Acutis is particularly remembered for his work in developing websites for his parish and school. In many ways, he can be seen as the ‘Steve Jobs of the Bible’, with his most notable project being a website documenting every reported Eucharistic miracle, launched just days before his death. This endeavour has since gained global recognition, being translated into multiple languages and serving as the foundation for a travelling exhibition.

All of this work earned the young boy the posthumous title “God’s influencer.” Acutis’ legacy continues to hold influence in both Italy and the UK. In 2020, the Archbishop of Birmingham established the Parish of Blessed Carlo Acutis, incorporating churches in Wolverhampton and Wombourne. Additionally, a statue of him stands at Carfin Grotto, a Roman Catholic shrine in Motherwell, Scotland.

It’s undeniable that Acutis’ legacy will only continue to grow, as his work in the digital space remains relevant and impactful within the world of the Catholic faith through modern technology. This commitment has left a lasting legacy, inspiring many to follow in his footsteps and utilise digital platforms for religious outreach.

The Catholic Church is presently gearing up for the canonisation of Acutis, officially marking him the first-ever millennial to become a saint.


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