Why Aren’t Airbags Standard Safety Equipment in Class 8 Trucks?

Would you buy a new car without airbags?  The fact is, you can’t.  Since 1998, airbags have been standard safety equipment in passenger cars.*  And the reason is simple.  They save lives.  Yet for Class 8 trucks, they are still considered “an option.”  In order for truck drivers to have frontal and side roll airbag protection, it’s up to you to make it happen.

Why?  That’s a question every driver should be asking.

Fact:  Airbags save lives.

Fact:  They are available through every major OEM; however, not one OEM has made airbags standard equipment on new trucks.

Fact:  More than half of occupant fatalities in heavy truck are due to a rollover.**

Gemini Motor Transport, a subsidiary of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, understands the importance of airbag protection.  And it has made them a recognized safety leader throughout the entire industry. Gemini never loses sight of what matters most: their drivers.

“I never want to make that phone call. It’s hard enough when a driver gets hurt. I don’t want to go that next step where I have to attend a funeral, or see a husband, or a wife and kids devastated because of something that happened on the road in an accident,” said Brent Bergevin, Gemini’s Vice President of Transportation. “I’ve never made that call, and hopefully I never will.”

Bergevin says Gemini won’t buy a truck without RollTek onboard. “It saves lives. I can think off the top of my head five guys that are here today that wouldn’t have been without RollTek.”

Reiff Simmons, Gemini’s Regional Manager agrees. “When you have a bad accident, and the driver walks away from it with something as simple as a scratch. Then you look at the condition of the truck, you look at the seat that they were in, and you know all those things played a factor into that driver walking away. You’re like, why in the world aren’t other companies you know installing this kind of technology in their new equipment?”

Unless airbag safety is federally mandated or considered standard, the fleet must be the one to request it.  That’s why you can make a difference – and you must ask for it by name.  RollTek and 4Front air bag protection by IMMI.  Today — You can do your part to save lives and prevent injuries.  And always remember, to please Buckle up.

Visit rolltek.com or imminet.com



IMMI® develops and supplies the most innovative, proven restraint systems and airbag protection available on commercial trucks. More than 80% of truck drivers use IMMI seat belts every day. Known for developing the Komfort Latch®, bunk restraints, and RollTek®, the only side roll airbag protection of its kind for commercial trucks, IMMI is also the leading safety provider for child car seat components, fire/EMS, military, UTV, and school buses. All IMMI products are thoroughly CAPE® tested to meet or exceed safety standards.

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