How To Watch Bridgerton Season 1 And 2 Just For Colin And Penelope

Why watch all of Bridgerton Seasons 1 and 2 when you can just watch Colin and Penelope’s scenes?

Whether you’re new to Bridgerton and just care about season 3’s Colin and Penelope (ahem, me), or you’re fan of the show who just wants to brush up on this epic friends-to-lovers story arc, you’ve come to the right place. Why go back and watch 16 full hour-long episodes from seasons 1 and 2 just for bits and pieces of our favorite Polin ship when you can fast forward to all the best scenes?

Good news: I’ve compiled all of Colin and Penelope’s best bits from the previous seasons, all with timestamps, so you can go back and see their love blossom in real time. Power up Netflix, pop on episode one of the first season, and get ready for a crash course on everyone’s favorite little Regency Era cuties.

Bridgerton Season 1

Episode 1: Diamond on the First Water


17:40 – Everyone that matters is at the Danbury Ball (decked out in a surprising about of jewels.) Watch as we get a first taste of some serious pining over Colin as Penelope watches him dance with another girl.

44:20 – We get a taste of Cressida mean girl-ing Penelope in a bid to impress Colin, but it backfires when he asks Pen for a dance instead. First dance! Ahh!

Episode 2: Shock and Delight

While Colin and Penelope are in this episode, they don’t really have any interactions, so you’re probably better off skipping it.

Episode 3: Art of the Swoon

Same with this one. While we get plenty of hints at Penelope’s secret identity, there aren’t any fun Polin moments. In fact, Colin doesn’t even have any lines. (If you’re here for the Lady Whistledown clues, though, this could be a good one.)

Episode 4: An Affair of Honor

30:40 – Penelope and Colin have a cute little conversation at the Trowbridge Ball. Pen is totally at-ease and even elicits a compliment from her crush.

40:35 – Marina gushes about how wonderful Colin is to Penelope, thus breaking her heart. (We’ve all been there, right?)

Episode 5: The Duke And I

10:13 – Colin arrives at the Featherington house not for Pen but to court Marina. But Penelope isn’t going to just take this lying down…

22:23 – Penelope’s mother has a tense conversation with Marina in which they plan a plot that would trap Colin. Luckily, Penelope caught the whole thing.

35:43 – Penelope has a big ask for Marina at Daphne and Simon’s wedding reception: “You can choose anyone but him.” Colin then arrives and escorts Marina away to ask a very big and upsetting question (for Penelope and all of us Polin shippers).

Episode 6: Swish

3:15 – Colin announces his engagement to Marina and get properly dressed down for it by the lovely Anthony right afterward. (But poor Pen has to put on a brave face for the announcement.)

28:00 – Penelope tries to tell Colin what’s really going on with Marina, but unfortunately the man is just too clueless for his own good. Enter Marina, who really puts on a show for Colin.

39:05 – Penelope uncovers a forgery plot and tells Marina in the hopes it would change her mind, but nothing is that easy. Then Marina says something particularly cutting to Pen’s poor delicate heart. Eloise then comforts her in the garden.

52:55 – The new Lady Whistledown column comes out from which Colin learns of Marina’s pregnancy. (And if you’ve already watched Season 3, you know the significance of this.)

Episode 7: Oceans Apart

14:10 – Marina arrives to speak with Daphne and Colin. Colin confronts Marina and says his goodbyes, thus freeing him up for his future wife.

Episode 8: After the Rain

40:50 – Colin and Pen spot each other at the Hastings Ball and have some serious eye contact before he comes over and gives her the apology she deserves. We also get this masterful quote from Penelope:

“You were not a fool. You merely believed yourself in love. One should never apologize for that. One finds oneself in such an incredible position, and, well, one should declare it, assuredly, fervently, loudly.”

Unfortunately, Colin has some bad news before she can spill her feelings herself.

1:01:50 – Penelope watches on as Colin leaves and it’s heartbreak.

1:06:30 – Just an important little reveal for you.

Season 2


Episode 1: Capital R Rake

Unfortunately, Colin isn’t in this episode. Still there’s a bit you might want to watch for the Polin romance arc.

48:00 – Big sister Prudence sees that Penelope has been writing letters to Colin and tells their mom. Get ready for some mean quotes to Penelope from the elder Featheringtons.

Episode 2: Off to the Races

04:10 – Colin arrives home from Greece while Penelope is visiting with Eloise. This scene is worth the watch even just for the great eye contact. Anyone who says Colin only falls for Penelope in Season 3 is sorely mistaken.

11:30 – Penelope and Colin talk at the races. Look at the way he looks at her!

35:55 – At yet another soiree, Penelope and Colin talk. Unfortunately, we get this line out of Mister Bridgerton: “You are Pen. You do not count.”

Episode 3: A Bee in Your Bonnet

Not much here for the Polin stans, so you can probably skip it.

Episode 4: Victory

5:55 – Penelope, Colin, and Eloise have a nice little conversation at Aubrey Hall. It’s going well until Colin mentions visiting a certain cousin of Penelope.

22:00 – After a very awkward day hanging out with Marina and her husband, Colin gets an earful from his former fiancé about how he needs to “wake up.” While this scene doesn’t have Penelope, it’s a must watch for Colin’s character development.

51:00 – Colin and Penelope have a moment on the stairs that will make you extra nervous for when he finds out the identity of Lady Whistledown.

Episode 5: An Unthinkable Fate

17:05 – A stilted conversation with a couple who’s being really awkward around each other? That’s Polin for you. It may be an odd interaction, but it should still be on the list.

Episode 6: The Choice

11:05 – Here’s a cute little chat between Penelope, Eloise, and Colin right before the wedding.

51:30 – A VERY sweet conversation where Colin and Penelope finally open up, and we get plenty of moments of him gazing at her while she talks about her hopes and dreams.

Episode 7: Harmony

33:05 – Colin visits to speak with Penelope’s cousin, mentioning how great her necklace was at a previous engagement. All us ladies with cleavage know what that means. They then have a discussion in which Colin can’t help but compliment Penelope in confusing ways.

Episode 8: The Viscount Who Loved Me

42:45 – Penelope watches with a scowl on her face as Colin dances with Cressida, and we can’t blame her. But then Colin takes Penelope’s hand (!!) and pulls her away. Unfortunately, it’s not for the conversation she’s been hoping for.

45:48 – Colin and Penelope dance together and have a wonderful, emotional conversation. “I will always look after you, Penelope. You are special to me.”

52: 32 – Eloise confronts Penelope in a friendship-ending conversation that’s more heartbreaking than anything we’ve seen yet.

58:50 – Here’s where Penelope overhears Colin saying he would never court her in a million years. Poor Penelope ends the season heartbroken and alone.

And that’s it! You’ve now watched all of Colin and Penelope’s scenes from Season 1 and 2. Enjoy Season 3, which is all about them finally getting together. (Not without a bit of drama to raise the heartrates of the Polin fans everywhere, though.)


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