Our Editors Share Their Favorite Things They Bought This Year, Under $50

On the internet, there are a lot of people telling you that this, no this, no actually that, is their “favorite” makeup product, clothing item, book, you name it. If the de-influencing trend has taught us anything, it’s that this sheer quantity of great product recommendations is no one’s fault: There’s just a ton of fabulous stuff in the world. Perhaps even more importantly, we’ve learned that it’s worth taking notice of those items that you’re nearly sick of hearing recommended—those are the ones that might just change your day-to-day life for the better. This is also why we love a fun IRL activity, like a clothing swap or a favorite things party, to suss out the holy grail products.

No one has a more closely-held list of true favorite things than a team of editors who spend their days scouring the internet for the best of the best, which is why we’ve rounded up the items that The Everygirl editors would bring to our own favorite things party. These are our favorite items that we have bought in the past— year: items that make our days easier, more enjoyable, or just plain better. Read on for our team’s absolute favorite things (oh, and did we mention they’re all under $50?).

Williams Sonoma

I always keep this finishing salt on hand–it’s the perfect topper to anything you’re cooking… for something as simple as avocado toast to roasted veggies and potatoes. It’s flavorful and ups anyone’s game in the kitchen. Just a dash is all you need.

—Alaina Kaz, CEO


Aesop hand soap has become a favorite of mine over the years–from something I’d treat myself to once a year or so to a staple I keep in my bathroom. Not only does the container look chic on my vanity, but the soap itself is luxurious—it lightly exfoliates and moisturizes while cleansing, preventing any drying in winter months. Plus, it smells divine.

—Alaina Kaz, CEO

La Crema

La Crema single handedly made me into a Pinot Noir girlie. You could close your eyes and pick any wine from them and be happy, but this one is my favorite. The taste is exquisite and pairs well with just about any food—it’s the kind of bottle you share and just know the other person is going to ask to take a picture of the label because they too loved it as well. It tastes so much more expensive than it is and is available on InstaCart which means I don’t have to wait to get my hands on it.

—Allyson Trammell, Editor-in-Chief


I cannot stop telling everyone I meet that this concealer is worth every bit of hype the internet has given it. A few dots (a little goes a long way!) makes me into a highlighted, refreshed version of myself that I haven’t seen in the mirror since Obama was president. I didn’t know concealers could be this good and still blend naturally. My world has truly changed!

—Allyson Trammell, Editor-in-Chief


You know how I know this is a good candle? My husband who barely notices anything (haircut, new furniture, room rearranged, etc.) walked into our home the first day this was burning and said with enthusiasm “Wow! It smells amazing in here!” Sold. Give me six more. This candle smells like an expensive Anthropologie candle. It truly has no business being so affordable. The 40oz size is massive and gives rich mom vibes when you light it and leave it out on the counter.

—Allyson Trammell, Editor-in-Chief

Amazon | NIIMBOT

This is, and I’m not joking, my most-raved about Amazon purchase… ever. It’s the kind of thing you never have when you really need it, and I’ve reached for it countless times since purchasing. It makes a great gift—even if it’s not the most glamorous or obvious choice.

—Garri Chaverst, Senior Managing Editor

Amazon | MSFENG

Instead of guessing whether or not someone will like the candle scent you pick out, you can give them a gift that will help them keep their favorite candles literally forever. This candle-warming lamp is both chic and practical. Because the wax doesn’t melt and instead re-solidifies it, I can burn my favorite scent all year long without having to repurchase it or worry about it getting discontinued.

—Garri Chaverst, Senior Managing Editor

Organic Olivia

I’ve been prioritizing my hormonal health over the past couple of years and worked to heal so many symptoms. I definitely did not have healthy glucose levels–which negatively impacted my hormones–because I used to eat a lot of simple carbohydrates (I love a good glass of wine, dessert, and a plate of pasta). Since I interviewed a functional herbalist who is known as Organic Olivia and started trying her products, my hormonal health completely transformed from this one product.

I have a shot of these bitters in water before I eat any carbohydrates. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in cravings, and I don’t feel the crash I typically get after eating carbohydrates. Because I’m prioritizing healthy glucose levels, my hormonal health is much better too. As a bonus, the apple cider vinegar in this tincture also aids in digestion, meaning I feel way less sluggish and bloated when I have this before a dessert, cocktail, or slice (or two) of pizza.

—Josie Santi, Wellness Editor & Podcast Host

Amazon |

When I say I live in this romper, I am not exaggerating. After falling in love with it, I promptly ordered three more so I could wear it multiple times in between my wash cycles (worth it!). It is one of the comfiest items I own, and it really snatches things in—thanks to the midsection and butt compression (think: shapewear, except as a romper over your whole body). I also wear it to work out, so it has been my go-to when I want a cute outfit (I do a linen button-up and white sneakers for running errands or going to a coffee shop), and then can head straight to a Pilates class. The best part? It’s only $20, so you won’t feel bad buying multiple (because trust me, you will want multiple).

—Josie Santi, Wellness Editor & Podcast Host

Rhode Skin

It took me a long time to finally try one of these, but they are by far the most hydrating lip treatment I’ve ever tried. I carried my one singular one around with me everywhere until I finally realized I loved it so much that I needed multiple so I always had access to one. Not only do they leave my perpetually dry lips incredibly hydrated, but they leave a long-lasting, glossy sheen that looks better than any gloss I’ve tried. All the flavors are amazing, but I’m partial to the Strawberry Glaze.

—Madeline Galassi, Beauty & Fashion Editor

Amazon | ChomChom Roller

This is in no way glamorous, but I’ve sung the praises of this little miracle more than anything else in the past 12 months. I have a black bouclé couch and a white dog, and for many months, felt I physically couldn’t get my couch to look clean. I was to the point of physically picking lint off with my hands—until I got this. I don’t know how, but it gets absolutely all lint and pet hair off of my couch with a couple of passes, and it’s the only thing that’s totally worked for me. For $25, it de-fuzzes my furniture 10x better than even my Dyson vacuum can. This is an absolute must for anyone who has a pet, but even if they don’t, it’s a little thing that’ll make anyone’s life easier.

—Madeline Galassi, Beauty & Fashion Editor

Target | A New Day

I’m someone who never travels without my jewelry, which means I’ve dealt with my fair share of hopelessly tangled necklaces and lost earrings. That is until this travel accessory organizer entered my life. It’s super compact and packable but features multiple divided compartments inside, so all of my jewelry makes it to my destination and back, organized and tangle-free.

—Jessica Friedhoff, Senior Lifestyle Editor

Amazon | Brümate

I’ve recommended this travel coffee mug to so many people, I’ve lost count. It keeps my beverage hot for hours on end, and the lid features a locking mechanism that makes it 100% leakproof—I could literally toss this thing into my purse and not have to worry about it leaking. It’s the only thing I reach for when I’m taking my coffee to-go.

—Jessica Friedhoff, Senior Lifestyle Editor

Amazon | Makeup Eraser

There is one thing that I absolutely despise doing and that is taking off my makeup. Sure, the pure relief once it’s all off and the skincare that comes after it is relaxing as hell, but that still makes me dread it every single night. But the one and only thing that makes it better? These mini makeup erasers. They make my hatred for makeup removal almost go away completely because they help remove it in no time—seriously, these single-handedly cut my routine in thirds. I cannot believe I ever lived without them.

—Hailey Bouche, Assistant Editor

Amazon | Pavoi

When I was looking for jewelry to wear to my wedding, I knew I wanted a super simple tennis bracelet, but I also knew that dropping a ton of money on a real one wasn’t on my wedding budget priority list. So naturally, I took to Amazon, and I found this one for $17. With over 23k reviews, I was instantly sold, and to my surprise, I got so many compliments on it on my wedding day—someone even asked me how much it was, assuming it was real. Now, I have added this bracelet to my everyday stack, which is another thing I love about it—it looks stunning with any casual bracelet stack and it can elevate an outfit for an important event.

—Hailey Bouche, Assistant Editor

Amazon | Simple Modern

I have an extremely distinct memory of the day that I decided to commit to drinking more water. I was in high school and had previously gone entire days without making so much as a dent in a regular water bottle, and I was wondering why I felt so awful all the time. When I started drinking enough water, my life completely changed (shocker, I know), and now you basically won’t catch me leaving the house without my gigantic insulated 40 oz water bottle. Like, if I could bring this thing to the club, I would. I chug at least three of these a day—I love how the insulation keeps my water cold, and I think the streamlined style of this one is so cute. This is by far my favorite water bottle I have ever owned.

—Emma Ginsberg, Editorial & Podcast Assistant

Pattern Beauty

Yes, not all curls are the same, but I also wish I could personally deliver a bottle of this Pattern curl gel to every aspiring (or actual) curly girl on the face of the earth. This gel almost single-handedly changed the way I felt about my hair. First of all, it smells amazing, which is a major plus. Second, it has an incredible hold yet never feels sticky or heavy on my head, which is so important for a curl gel. Third, it’s specifically designed for gals like myself who love to wash and go instead of spending hours styling their curls. Plus, I am a huge fan of Pattern’s branding and mission, so this is one of those products that I would love to be able to add to just about anyone’s Sephora carts.

—Emma Ginsberg, Editorial & Podcast Assistant

Amazon | Tsubaki

This hair mask turns your hair from dry to silky-soft in under two minutes. The gel-like formula is lightweight enough that it doesn’t add any grease or weight to your finished style. If you have never heard of Tsubaki, it is the private-label of beauty powerhouse Shiseido.

—Alexandra Pagar-Wolf, Chief of Sales

Urban Decay

I’ve never been much of a sparkly eyeshadow girl but after I went to Las Vegas for my best friend’s bachelorette party in March, I have been absolutely hooked on this stuff. One of the girls used this to add sparkle over her matte eyeshadow, and naturally, we all followed suit. Now, I recommend it to everyone I know. It’s perfect for those events where you want a little extra glitter without committing to a full-glitter eyeshadow palette.

—Ashley Selleke, Branded Content Managing Editor

Amazon | trtl

I have the undying habit of falling asleep immediately on a flight—I’m talking even before the plane takes off. The only thing that comes between me and my beauty sleep is the imminent head bobbing that occurs when my neck isn’t supported, and no neck pillow has ever solved my issue until this one. It’s really structured making it perfect for times when I’m in a middle or aisle seat, plus, despite the structure, it’s perfectly packable in my personal item, making it a must-have for any car, train, or plane travel.

—Ashley Selleke, Branded Content Managing Editor


I ordered a set of “mini” Nudestix products after the Sofia Richie craze of summer, and this blush was a standout hit for me. It’s so easy to apply and blend out, and it adds the perfect natural flush when you’re going for a no-makeup makeup look.

—Meagan McCormick, Director of Marketing


2023 was the year I finally switched to a French press for my morning coffee, and it has made such a difference in how I romanticize and enjoy my mornings. I love this one from Target because it’s perfect for two people and holds up well to daily use.

—Meagan McCormick, Director of Marketing



If I had to wear the same sweater every day for fall and winter, it would be this one. Whether it’s with trousers for a chic, daytime look or with sweats to lounge around in, this navy cotton boyfriend crewneck is the sweater that I will throw on with everything. And at under $50, I will be ordering in more colors soon.

—Keely Geist, Senior Social Media Editor

Lush Cosmetics

This is a beauty product that I started using years ago and never looked back. I use this lip scrub every day for the smoothest, freshest, plumpest lips I’ve ever had. Try it at night before a hydrating treatment like the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask or before your makeup to make your lip gloss look even better.

—Keely Geist, Senior Social Media Editor


I have been a long-time fan of this highlighting stick. So easy to apply, it gives the perfect subtle shimmer that adds a glow to any look.

—Abigail Moseman, Social Media Assistant

Amazon | We’re Not Really Strangers

I love bringing this game to social events, with new friends and old. It’s a great break from the typical small talk!

—Abigail Moseman, Social Media Assistant

Amazon | Natural Vitality

When my ride-or-die Lemme Sleep Gummies went out of stock and I needed a refill, I was looking desperately to find a dupe. After an intense 10 minutes of ingredient research, I came across these. The heavy hitters in the Lemme Sleep Gummies are magnesium, L-theanine, and melatonin, and this blend from Amazon has near-identical dosages (note: there is slightly less melatonin, but I don’t notice a difference). It works so incredibly well, and the cost per serving is so much more affordable, so they’re a win in my book.

—Ashley Selleke, Branded Content Managing Editor

Amazon | CRZ Yoga

I love a good look for less, and the half zip from my favorite (sold on Amazon) Altheisure brand is no exception. The quality and look are a 10, and it is so warm and cozy but not heavy. My only struggle was how to choose which color to get because there were so many great options.

—Alexandra Pagar-Wolf, Chief of Sales


Every year, I go through the same cycle: forgetting to cut my hair for too long, chopping off a bunch, liking the chop for some time, deciding to grow it out again, repeat. This year, I’ve somehow acquired the delusion that I can get my curls to be as long and luxurious as Chappell Roan’s and decided to make some swaps in my wash routine to optimize length. When I tell you that I noticed a difference in the length and strength of my hair within three weeks of using this rosemary shampoo from Nécessaire, I’m being so serious. I will absolutely be repurchasing this shampoo time after time.

—Emma Ginsberg, Podcast & Editorial Assistant


I am on my third tube of this lipgloss, and it has become such a constant in my routine that I have an extra tube I keep in my purse for on-the-go reapplication. I’m incredibly picky when it comes to lipglosses, and this Tower 28 Lip Jelly checks all of my boxes. It’s extremely moisturizing and keeps my lips shiny and glossy but not sticky, so I’m not pulling my hair off my lips every two seconds. The shade pistachio is the perfect natural pinky nude, and I have raved about it so much that it has worked its way into many of my friends’ makeup bags.

—Lauren Blue, Editorial Intern

Target | Wild Fable

I bought these Target jeans specifically because I heard people comparing them to AGOLDE denim, which costs literally 10 times the price. With a price tag of just $25, I figured I didn’t have much to lose with these, and I was truly blown away when I first tried them on. The fit is so flattering, and the material has that slight stiffness that makes them feel super high-quality. I also love that they have a little extra length to them, so they’re perfect for wearing with heels or if you’re on the taller side (like me!).

—Jessica Friedhoff, Senior Lifestyle Editor


I love a good trend but hate spending a lot of money on items I may not want to wear anymore in a few years. I saw these mesh flats on Amazon that look basically identical to the viral designer pair (that are just under $900) and never clicked “buy now” on anything faster. These are so comfortable and don’t give me blisters like other ballet flats, so I can truly walk in them everywhere. They are sure to be my most-worn shoes this season, and I’m about to buy them in more colors.

—Josie Santi, Podcast Host & Senior Wellness Editor


To be so honest, I used to just toss my laptop in my work bag and live on a prayer that no damage would be done to it as I went from point A to Point B. But one day, I decided that rebellious lifestyle was no longer for me and got myself this laptop sleeve, and I’ve been at peace ever since. It comes in so many cute patterns, velcros shut, and is a puffy material for an ultimate protective layer. I 10/10 recommend.

—McKenna Pringle, Branded Content Editorial Assistant

hanahana beauty

The body butters are my skincare soulmate. My favorites are the amber vanilla and the unscented, like a warm hug on a cozy morning in a jar. I’ve made it a nightly essential, applying it post-shower for a luxurious finish to my ‘Everything Shower’ routine. Without fail, my skin feels smooth and nourished after every use, NEVER ASHY—hence their slogan! For anyone aiming to be intentional about their skincare, wanting both indulgence and integrity in the body products they use, their ingredients are consciously clean and ethically sourced, which is a HUGE plus for me!

—Albany Hayes, Sales & Operations Associate

Amazon | Zeagoo

I’ve been on a maxi skirt kick recently, and my latest find is this satin midi skirt from Amazon in the most delicious shade of green. I’ve only worn it a handful of times and have already received multiple compliments. It can be dressed up with heels for date night or dressed down with a cute graphic tee for a coffee shop workday. I already know it’s going to be a staple piece for me this summer.

—Steph Alleva-Cornell, Branded Content Editor


As a new mom, every second counts, and sleep is a luxury. So when I say this mineral sunscreen is a time-saver and gives the illusion that I’ve gotten my fair share of beauty sleep, I’m not exaggerating. It also gives no-makeup makeup vibes, providing just enough coverage without feeling like I’m wearing anything. And it pulls double duty, thanks to its ceramides and peptides that smooth and brighten the skin.

—Katherine Chang, Wellness Staff Writer

Amazon | ZVE

As someone who always needs her phone on her and will absolutely forget her wallet if it’s not attached to it, this is a game-changer for me. It’s perfect to throw in any purse I’m using, but it also comes with an attachable crossbody strap I can use if I just want to take the essentials on quick runs to the store or long walks. It even comes with a coin purse that can hold keys or a lip balm. Plus, it’s stylish and a great dupe for some more expensive, purse-style phone cases I’ve seen like it.

—Lex Rule, Social Media Editor


I was getting tired of wearing foundation, so I decided to hop back on the tinted moisturizer train. After comparing a few different brands, I ended up choosing this one from Tower28. It’s not greasy at all (something I’m wary of as an oily-skin girly) and is so lightweight to wear every day. I even started wearing it as a regular foundation, as it looks great on both no-makeup makeup days as well as days I need full coverage. I literally don’t know what I was doing without this product, and I’m looking forward to glowy skin all summer long.

—Bella Gil, Associate Commerce Editor

This post is sponsored by La Crema but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.



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